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Computer Programming Concentration (CPCT)

Certificate in Computer Studies and Information Processing (CERT_COMI)

Knight Campus, Warwick only

The Computer Programming concentration emphasizes technical coursework only, and does not require the electives needed for the associate degree option. This certificate prepares students for programming positions and gives a broader knowledge of information technology.

Note: To be awarded this certificate, students must be registered as matriculating in the Computer Studies program and successfully complete all certificate courses with a grade of C or better. Credits earned in this certificate program may be applied toward the associate degree program. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.

  • Course sequence and prerequisites for major courses are under review. See Computer Studies department faculty for guidance.
Certificate Requirements
COMI 1100 Introduction to Computers   3
COMI 1150 Programming Concepts   3
COMI 1800
OR COMI 1840
Computer Networking Software OR Windows Server   3
COMI 2015 Introduction to Microsoft Project   1
COMP 1200 Database Design & Management   3
COMP 2430 Operating Systems   4
COMP 1230 Systems Analysis and Design Computer Studies Department recommends taking COMP 1230 in final semester. 4
Programming Language Sequence   Computer Studies Department recommends COMI 1150 as a prerequisite.
Take six-credit sequence of COMI 1510, 2510 OR COMI 1225, 2225
Programming Language Electives   Computer Studies Department recommends COMI 1150 as a prerequisite.
Take six credits from programming attribute PROG. See this page.
COMI/COMP/CNVT Take three credits from COMI/COMP/CNVT courses. See course descriptions. 3

Total Certificate Requirements Credits 36

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