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Management Concentration (MGTC)

Certificate in Business Administration (CERT_BUSN)

The Management concentration begins with a study of basic principles, concepts and procedures. Upon successful completion of these initial courses, students apply their knowledge in a capstone management strategy course. This final course allows students to apply previous learning through cases, simulations and integrated activities. Students are expected to use and demonstrate reasoning skills, strategies and a basic understanding of decision-making.

Note: All credits earned in this certificate program can be applied toward the associate in science degree in Business program with a concentration in Management or General Business. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.

  • First semester: ACCT 1010; BUSN 1010
  • Second semester: ACCT 1020; BUSN 1000, 2050
  • Third semester: BUSN 1060, 2060, 2350
  • Fourth semester: BUSN 2070
Certificate Requirements
ACCT 1010 Financial Accounting   4
ACCT 1020 Managerial Accounting   4
BUSN 1000 Workplace Relationship Skills   3
BUSN 1010 Introduction to Business   3
BUSN 1060 Leadership Development   3
BUSN 2050 Principles of Management   3
BUSN 2060 Principles of Marketing   3
BUSN 2070 Management Strategy   3
BUSN 2350 Human Resources Management   3

Total Certificate Requirements Credits 29

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