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Practical Nursing

NURP (Practical Nursing)

NURP 1015P - Gerontology (2 Credits)

This course introduces the student to the social, psychological, and physiological changes associated with the aging process with the intent of promoting safety and maintaining optimal levels of health. Nursing management of common health care issues that often affect older adults will be addressed. Lecture: 2 hours

NURP 1010 - Practical Nursing I (7 Credits)

This course introduces the nursing student to the role of the licensed practical nurse, including legal and ethical standards. Nursing concepts are examined along with evidence-based interventions to meet basic patient needs. This conceptually organized content provides opportunity to achieve a broad understanding of individuals and their health issues that impact the health care system, both institutionally and in the community. Students apply theory in clinical practice, a major focus of which is care of the elderly in subacute care facilities. (Prerequisites: ENGL 1010, HESI Entrance Exam) Lecture: 3 hours per week; Clinical: 12 hours per week. - Lab Fee: $20

NURP 1020 - Practical Nursing 2 (9 Credits)

Building upon the basic concepts and skills taught in NURP 1010, this course expands that conceptual foundation for the student caring for adult patients with common, less complex medical and surgical disorders. Physiological, psychosocial, spiritual, cultural, legal, and ethical aspects of routine patient care are addressed. Attention is also directed toward the practical nurse's role in all phases of health promotion. A variety of medical-surgical facilities are utilized for clinical learning experiences. (Prerequisites: NURP 1010, NURS 1015P, NURS1061P, BIOL 1070). Lecture: 5 hours per week; Clinical: 12 hours per week. - Lab Fee: $20

NURP 1030 - Practical Nursing 3 (10 Credits)

Building upon the concepts, skills, and routine patient care taught in NURP 1010 and NURP 1020, this course rounds out the practical nursing student’s education with an introduction to issues related to care of maternity, pediatric, and mental health patients. Content includes care of the mother during a normal pregnancy, care of the normal newborn, care of the developing child, and care to persons with mental health disorders. Basic knowledge of the leadership role for the practical nurse is presented. Conceptual foundations for the care of patients with routine medical issues is continued. Students have clinical experience with maternity, pediatric, psychiatric, and adult/geriatric patients. This is the completion course for students who wish to graduate as practical nurse candidates. (Prerequisites: NURP 1020, NURP 1062, PSYC 2010). Lecture: 4 hours per week; Clinical: 12 hours per week. - Lab Fee: $20

NURP 2500 - PN Capstone (1 Credits)

This 15 hour course prepares soon-to-be-graduates of the Practical Nursing Program to pass the national examination for licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Curriculum content is organized and reviewed. Test-taking skills for application of nursing knowledge to practice are emphasized. This course is meant to boost the confidence level of test candidates by increasing their preparedness and decreasing test anxiety.

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