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Library Course Descriptions

LRCT (Library)

LRCT 1010 - Introduction to College Research (1 Credits)

This course will introduce students to online strategies for locating and evaluating articles, books, and Web resources. Students will learn to cite their sources according to standard scholarly formats.

LRCT 1015 - College Research (3 Credits)

College Research will expand the student’s knowledge of various types and formats of information resources. Students will learn information literacy skills including advanced search techniques and evaluation of resources. Students will also gain a greater understanding of issues associated with the ethical use of information. Students will demonstrate the application of learned skills in research for class assignments, as well as for personal and professional research needs. Lecture: 3 hours

LRCT 1020 - College Success (3 Credits)

This course will give new students practical tips and strategies that will help them succeed in college. Emphasis is on attitude, study habits, time and stress management. In a setting of active and collaborative learning, students are engaged in a variety of instructional experiences, including discussions with reading, speaking, writing and listening assignments. The course will require the creation of a personal success plan that will include educational and career goals and will introduce and make use of the college's resources and personnel.

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