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Italian Course Descriptions

ITAL (Italian)

ITAL 1000 - Basic Spoken Italian I (3 Credits)

This is an introductory elective course for beginners emphasizing correct pronunciation and basic vocabulary for practical use in everyday conversational situations and travel dialogues. Students with no previous study of the language are prepared to use and understand it within a limited context and basic structure. Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 1010 - Elementary Italian I (3 Credits)

This course covers elements of the Italian language for beginning students who have had little or no preparation. Conversation, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar are covered. Aspects of Italian culture are included in the course. Lecture: 5 hours

ITAL 1020 - Elementary Italian II (3 Credits)

This is a continuation of Elementary Italian I (ITAL 1010). (Prerequisite: ITAL 1010, ITAL 1030 or its equivalent) Lecture: 5 hours

ITAL 1030 - Elementary Italian I (3 Credits)

Italian 1030 is a faster paced version of Italian 1010. This course is suitable for students with previous experience i.e. Basic spoken Italian and /or other prior formal study of the language, prior formal study of another foreign language, or informal experience with a foreign language. The course covers elements of the language including: conversation, pronunciation, reading, writing, and grammar. Aspects of Italian-speaking cultures are also included. Note: Course content is the same as Italian 1010 with two fewer hours per week. (Prerequisite: Prior preparation as noted above or permission of instructor). Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 1040 - Elementary Italian II (3 Credits)

This is a continuation of Elementary Italian I (ITAL 1030). (Prerequisite: ITAL 1030, ITAL 1010 or its equivalent) Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 1510 - Conversational Italian I (3 Credits)

This course further develops students' fluency in speaking Italian. Oral practice includes active use of the language in short dialogues stressing basic communication and correct pronunciation. Reading of easy cultural texts also provides material for conversation and discussion. (Prerequisite: Two years of high school Italian or one year of college Italian or the equivalent). Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 1900 - The Italian Heritage (3 Credits)

This course introduces students to the cultural development of the Italian people through the centuries. Guest lecturers and class discussion center on significant aspects of Italian literary, social and artistic life as they have contributed to Western Civilization. Audio-visual aids present the lives and works of great figures and are used for appreciation of Italian art, music, food and wine. Italian films viewed in class are a backdrop for discussing the Italian cinema. The history and cultural contributions of Italian-Americans are also included from the discovery of America to mass immigration to present times. Note: The course is conducted in English. Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 1910 - Italian Culture-Cuisine (1 Credits)

The Italian Culture-Cuisine course offers students the opportunity to participate in the CCRI Summer Travel/Study Program in Italy; to enhance their educational, professional and personal growth through a multidisciplinary approach to learning and a complete immersion in the Italian language and culture. The course combines linguistic, artistic, historical, and literary traditions and hands-on workshops of the rich culinary traditions of Central Italy and other regions of Italy. Lecture: 6 hours, Lab: 9 hours (2 weeks)

ITAL 1950 - Italian for Business and Travel (1 Credits)

This course is designed particularly for employees of travel agencies, those in wholesale/retail or import/export businesses and those individuals who are planning a cultural trip to Italy. The course is tailored to the needs of the individual who wants to gain knowledge and appreciation of the Italian language and culture expediently. Emphasis is placed on common verbal expressions for basic communication, such as greetings, lodging, shopping, food, transportation and cultural information about Italian customs and traditions. (Lecture: 1 hour)

ITAL 2010 - Intermediate Italian I (3 Credits)

This course helps students develop skill in reading and discussing Italian texts related to culture and literature. It is supplemented by further work in grammar, conversation and composition. (Prerequisite: ITAL 1020 or 1040 or its equivalent) Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 2020 - Intermediate Italian II (3 Credits)

This is a continuation of Intermediate Italian I (ITAL 2010). (Prerequisite: ITAL 2010 or its equivalent) Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 2210 - Italian Conversation and Composition I (3 Credits)

This is an intensive course in conversation and composition. Selected cultural videos, CDs, readings and classroom discussions provide an atmosphere to develop and improve speaking and understanding of Italian. Oral presentations and written compositions are required. (Prerequisite: ITAL 2010 or permission of instructor) Lecture: 3 hours

ITAL 2220 - Italian Conversation and Composition II (3 Credits)

This course is a continuation of Italian Conversation and Composition I (ITAL 2210). (Prerequisite: ITAL 2210 or permission of instructor) Lecture: 3 hours

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