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Energy Utility Technology Course Descriptions

ETUT (Energy Utility Technology)

ETUT 1060 - Energy Industry Safety (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to the principles of safety and guidelines for the design and maintenance of energy equipment. Students will learn the skills necessary for safe power generation, transmission and distribution. The course will cover industry safety practices and human reactions in normal and abnormal conditions. Safe working conditions will be compared to industry standards and OSHA regulations. From a safety prospective, the course will provide an overview of the electric generation process, power plant systems and functions, typical power industry philosophy, departmental responsibilities and practices, industrial health issues, and environmental safety. (Prerequisite: MATH 0099 with a grade of "C" or better) Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 2 hours - Lab Fee: $20

ETUT 1160 - Introduction to Energy Utility Industry (3 Credits)

This course provides the student with an overview of the energy utility industry and its occupational opportunities. This includes the history of providing reliable energy service, regulatory influences, and electric/gas energy flow. The course will also cover basic terminology, typical conditions for employment, and career opportunities. Current technology for energy generation, transmission and distribution will be discussed and demonstrated. This course will integrate an overall understanding of the energy utility industry, its functions, business issues, procedures and practices. (Prerequisite: MATH 0099 with a grade of "C" or better) Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 2 hours. - Lab Fee: $20

ETUT 2500 - Energy Industry Practicum and Capstone (3 Credits)

As part of a practicum this course will introduce the student to the practical skills and procedures of a major power generation company (National Grid). The practicum will allow students to learning how to splice wires, connect fuses and transformers. Students will become familiar with the tools and equipment used in the power industry. The course will also function as a program capstone, providing the student an opportunity to integrate all energy utility industry knowledge obtained to date and to complete their program portfolio. The practicum is one eight-hour day per week for eight consecutive weeks at the National Grid Millbury Massachusetts Training Center. (Prerequisite: ETEE 1500) Spring Only. Lecture: 2 hours, Practicum: 8 hours per week - Lab Fee: $20

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