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Intramural Programs

Our Mission

The mission of the CCRI Intramural Sports is to provide students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive recreational sports in a safe environment; to promote and provide quality service, facilities and equipment; to facilitate the opportunity for enjoyable experiences; to nurture and celebrate the wholesome and worthwhile use of leisure, healthy lifestyles and wellness; and to create opportunities for the growth and development of all stakeholders. Intramural Sports supports the divisional mission by "providing structured activities to enhance the quality of life for students, faculty and staff.

The intramural program at the Community College of Rhode Island gives students the opportunity to be competitive and have fun without the demands of being involved in a varsity sport.


Entry forms can be picked up in the administration office of the fieldhouse on the Warwick or Lincoln Campuses. All entry forms must be in by 3:00 pm on the deadline date. All teams must designate a captain who will be responsible for their teams’ play and to attend a meeting regarding rules and regulations. Failure to attend this meeting will result in the dismissal of the team for that intramural program. There are no fees to participate.


There will be playoffs for each program when necessary. We will schedule the playoffs after all league play is complete.


All schedules will be available for tournaments on an individual program basis.


There will be awards presented to the champion of the playoffs and tournament play on site.


Intramural officials are work-study students who are willing and knowledgeable. Those interested should contact Kevin Salisbury (Lincoln).


The rules provide the opportunity to have competitive fair play at all times. All full-time students, part-time students, alumni, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate. The following exceptions are in effect: 1.Any individual currently on an intercollegiate team may not participate in the sport they are involved with. 2.Any physically unfit individual, as determined by the Intramural Director and the athletic trainer, may not participate. 3.Any individual who does not comply with rules and displays improper conduct (judged by officials and the director) during any intramural activity will be banned from the intramural program.


Fall Semester

Event Entry Due date Meeting Event Date Facilities
3 on 3 Basketball 9/28   3:00pm 9/28   3:00pm Oct 2-6 FC, KC
4 on 4 Volleyball 9/28   3:00pm 9/28   3:00pm Oct 12-15 FC, KC
Home Run Wiffleball 10/19 3:00pm 10/19 3:00pm Nov 6-10 FC, KC

Spring Semester

Event Entry Due date Meeting Event Date Facilities
Table tennis 2/1  3:00pm 2/1  3:00pm Feb 19-23 FC, KC
4 on 4 Volleyball 2/1  3:00pm 2/1  3:00pm Feb 19-23 FC, KC
Home Run Wiffleball 3/21 3:00pm 3/21 3:00pm April 9-13 FC, KC

FC-Flanagan Campus KC-Knight Campus LC-Liston Campus

Community College of Rhode Island Intramural events will take place from 12 noon to 1:00 pm on the designated dates on the Flanagan (FC), Knight (KC), and Liston campuses (LC).
Please leave the registration forms in the athletic office on the Warwick or Lincoln campus.
[Directions to all campuses]

*Exact dates will be determined at Captain's meeting.