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Transfer Information

CCRI is the perfect place for you to start working on your bachelor’s degree. If like many of our students, you are planning to transfer to a four year college or university, it is possible for you to complete a degree at CCRI and then transfer all your credits toward a bachelor’s degree at the institution of your choice.

In order to make a smooth transition to a four-year college, it is important that you do the following:

Meet with a Counselor

Start planning transfer in your first semester. With the help of a counselor, select the proper courses that best prepare you for transfer.

Choose a Program of Study

With the help of your counselor, select the program of study that will suit your interests and transfer needs. Your major will determine the four-year school you transfer to and the course work you will need to complete at CCRI.

Choose a College

Begin college exploration during your freshman year by asking a series of questions that will better prepare you in your transfer decision making process.

Attend semester transfer fairs that are held at each campus. Representatives from Rhode Island colleges and universities schedule transfer days. Your CCRI counselor will also help ensure that you're taking the right courses to transfer. You can make an appointment by calling the Advising and Counseling Center.

Learn about the College's Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements state specific policies related to transferring and make it easier for you to transfer from one college to another. CCRI has over 70 articulation agreements with schools throughout New England, and beyond. Many of these grant students junior status, and accept all credits earned at CCRI. You are encouraged to review these agreements carefully to ensure maximum transfer of credits.

Be aware that transfer of courses from one school to another is not automatic. Successful transfer requires that you become informed and take responsibility. Even if you are not sure of where you will transfer, advisors can recommend general courses for transfer.

College Officials Report / Transfer Report

Many institutions require the student to turn in a College Official's Report as part of their transfer application package. If the College Official's Report is not included with the application for enrollment, students may use thisTransfer Report or the one included in their Common Application. CCRI has opted out of the online process of submitting the Transfer Report and the Official Transcript. Completed forms should be emailed to [email protected] for processing.  Please include your CCRI Student ID# and an email address for the college/university you are transferring to.

Transcript requests can be made thru the MyCCRI portal or with the Office of Enrollment Services.

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