Counselors Confidentiality

All meetings are strictly confidential.

Counselors have a professional obligation to respect the confidentiality of information that surfaces within the counseling process. They will reveal information to others only if it is with your written permission or in response to a valid legal subpoena.

There are some exceptions to this rule that morally and legally require counselors to reveal confidential information. The counselors must reveal to others if:

  1. You are a clear danger to yourself.
  2. You reveal an intention to physically injure a third party.
  3. You reveal acts of child abuse.

If you do not fully understand this statement, please ask your counselor for clarification.

Contact Information

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Phone: 401-825-1240

Text Advising & Counseling with questions at: 401-308-3537. Monitored M-F 8am-4pm EST


Knight Campus
Room 1054
400 East Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886

Flanagan Campus
Rooms 1130-1133 & 1233
1762 Louisquisset Pike
Lincoln, RI 02865

Liston Campus
Room 1145
One Hilton Street
Providence, RI 02905

Newport Campus
Rooms 143-145 & 147
One John H. Chafee Boulevard
Newport, RI 02840


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