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What is the Access Program?
What services do we provide?
Am I eligible for Access?
What is expected of Access students?
How do I apply?

What is the Access Program?

Access Counselor working with studentFor more than 25 years, Access has helped CCRI students achieve academic success. Today, the program provides comprehensive services to 400 eligible students each year at CCRI's Lincoln, Providence, Warwick and Newport campus locations.

Students whose parents never completed a bachelor's degree, meet low-income federal guidelines, and/or are persons with a documented disability may qualify for Access and the special support services that are offered. The goal of Access is to ensure the retention, graduation and transfer of its participants within three years.

What services do we provide?

Access Counselor hugging studentAdvising. From helping with early registration to just lending a friendly ear when life gets overwhelming, Access counselors keep their students on the path towards success.

One-on-One Tutoring. Access tutors come from varied backgrounds ranging from business professionals to graduate students to retirees. Tutors work around the student's schedule and provide a supportive and friendly learning environment.

Transfer planning and assistance. Can't decide which school to transfer to? Access provides transportation for students to visit local college and university campuses, and our counselors are ready to guide students through the process of selecting the right school.

Financial Literacy. Access provides educational opportunities for students to learn about budgeting, credit scores, taxes and other money-related topics that can impact students' financial goals for the future.

Information and Assistance in Applying for Financial Aid. From helping students to complete the FAFSA form correctly, to verifying that students maintain the required grades and course load for financial aid, Access counselors ensure that students receive the support and financial help they need to move forward.

Am I eligible for Access?

To be considered for the Access program, you must:
Group of students listening in a classroom

  • be currently enrolled in a program of study at the College
  • have completed CCRI’s Accuplacer testing
  • demonstrate an academic need for services
  • have a realistic goal of graduating from CCRI within four years

Additionally, you must fall in to at least one of the following categories:

What is expected of Access students?

Graduate with diplomaAccess students are committed to their education. They want their Associate's degree (and often more!) and they are willing to work hard to be the best students they can be. Being in the Access program means completing all of the following requirements:

  • Attend Access Orientation (required for admission to the program)
  • Take all necessary college preparatory classes as indicated by Accuplacer
  • Complete PSYC 8000: Student Success your first semester in the program
  • Meet with your Access counselor at least 3 times every semester
  • Complete a Financial Literacy curriculum
  • Attend Access mid-semester workshops
  • Attend at least one Access-sponsored transfer trip
  • Give back to their community by completing at least 20 hours of volunteer community service

How do I apply?
  • Are you interested in the services Access provides?
  • Do you meet the eligibility criteria?
  • Do you understand and look forward to what will be required of you as an Access student?

Then click on the "Apply Now" button below and complete our easy web application! Access applications can be submitted online, or in person at the Access office on any campus. Once received, applications are screened to determine general eligibility. Applicants are then notified within two weeks of their eligibility and if appropriate, given a time-frame for an interview.

Generally, Access welcomes new students at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Interviews for potential participants usually occur May through September for the fall semester, and in November and December for the spring.

Apply Now!

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