Rider Education Courses for Licensed Riders

Motorcycle Rider Education Levels 2 and 3 courses are offered only to licensed riders. Students use their own motorcycles, which may be subject to a safety inspection, and they are responsible for any damage to their motorcycle or equipment as a result of their participation in these courses. Participants must bring a valid license, proof of insurance and standard riding gear: DOT-approved helmet, full-fingered gloves, eye protection, long sleeves, long pants, and above-ankle footwear. Insurance discounts may apply.

BRC 2U: Experienced Level

This course is for those who have been riding for at least six months and would like a refresher. Participants will put into practice the techniques of managing traction, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving. Increasing numbers of veteran riders have been signing up for this course and CCRI rider coaches are excited to reconnect with graduates of the basic rider courses. This five-hour class is offered on the motorcycle range.

The cost of our Basic Rider Course 2 Updated (BRC 2U) is $50 (includes $10 on-refundable registration fee).

60185 MOTR 7000 152 Motorcycle Rider Trng BRC2-3 Sun, 7/21 7-12:00PM Adjusted Range

Level 3: Advanced Rider Course Updated (ARC U)

This is a great course for riders who have gone through the experienced-level course and are looking for the next step. It aims to provide rider development in the areas of risk management, decision-making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices. The one-day course will include classroom activities and riding lessons in basic control, quick stops, curve adjustments, cornering and swerving, multiple curves and more. All riders can benefit from this curriculum and leave with a greater understanding of their personal decision-making process, as well as their bikes’ capabilities and limitations.

The cost of our Advanced Rider Course (ARC) is $60 (includes $10 nonrefundable registration fee).

CRN & COURSE Lecture Range
60183 MOTR 7500 152 Motorcycle Rider Trng ARC3 Sun, 7/21 8-10:30AM
Sun, 7/21 11-5:00PM
North Lot

Program Information

  • Cost
  • Level 2: $50
  • Level 3: $60
  • Includes $10 non-refundable registration fee
  • Rhode Island or Out of State Resident

  • Time Commitment
  • 5 or 8 hours
  • Level 2 or 3

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