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Community College of Rhode Island

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Ruth Sullivan
Learning Resources
Tel: 401-825-2488

Jeanne Mullaney
Assessment Coordinator
Tel: 401-333-7222

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CCRI Critical Thinking Faculty Learning Community

An essential component of CCRI’s participation in the Wabash Study 2010 is the Faculty Learning Community* that was formed by faculty members from a variety of disciplines to investigate best practices in the teaching and assessing of critical thinking.  CCRI’s Critical Thinking Faculty Learning Community is focused on determining how best to assess the critical thinking skills of CCRI students.  During the spring 2011 semester, they have met every three weeks to define critical thinking, discuss how to develop this skill in the classroom, review possible rubrics to assess it, and create an assignment that they will use to assess the students in their classes. During the fall 2011 semester, they will administer the CAT (Critical Thinking Assessment Test) to students.  The group will then discuss which type of assessment is more suitable for our institution and ultimately make a recommendation accordingly.

*A faculty learning community (FLC) is a cross-disciplinary group of faculty and professional staff of size 6-15 (8 to 12 is the recommended size) engaging in an active, collaborative, yearlong program with a curriculum about enhancing teaching and learning and with frequent seminars and activities that provide learning, development, interdisciplinary, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and community. (Accessed on 9/27/10

The 2011 CCRI Critical Thinking Faculty Learning Community
Faculty Department
Eylana Goldman Goffe Biology
 Patricia Lucas  Allied Health
Suzanne McCormack Social Services
Ann Omollo Chemistry
Joanne Orabone Business Administration
Laurie Sherman (co-facilitator) English
JoAnn Warren (co-facilitator) Business Administration

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