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Types Of Educational Benefits


  1. Chapter 30: Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Benefit (MGIB-AD)
  2. Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program
  3. Chapter 33: Post 9-11 GI Bill
  4. Chapter 35: Survivors and Dependent Assistance
  5. Chapter 1606: Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Benefit (MGIB-SR)
  6. Chapter 1607: Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)

Chapter 30: Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Benefit (MGIB-AD)

  • Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Benefit
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In general, to be eligible for MGIB-AD, you must have entered active duty after 06/30/1985, and not declined participation in the program. Generally, benefits are payable for 10 years following your release from active duty.

  • Entered active duty for the first time after 06/30/1985
  • Had military pay reduced by $100 a month for first 12 months
  • Continuously served for 3 years, OR 2 years if that is what you first enlisted for, OR 2 years if you entered the Selected Reserve within a year of leaving active duty and served 4 years (‘2 by 4” program)
  • Entered active duty before 01/01/1977
  • Served at least one day between 10/19/1984 and 06/30/1985, and stayed on active duty through 06/30/1988 (or 06/30/1987 if you entered Selected Reserve within one year of leaving active duty and served four years)
  • On 12/31/1989, you had entitlement left from Vietnam Era GI Bill
  • Not eligible for MGIB under Category I or II
  • On active duty on 09/30/1990, AND separated involuntarily after 02/02/1991
  • OR involuntarily separated on or after 11/30/1993
  • OR voluntarily separated under either the Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI) or Special Separation Benefit (SSB) program
  • Before separation, you had military pay reduced by $1,200
  • On active duty on 10/09/1996, AND you had money remaining in a VEAP account on that date AND you elected MGIB by 10/09/1997
  • OR entered full-time National Guard duty under title 32, USC, between 07/01/1985 and 11/28/1989, AND you elected MGIB during the period of 10/09/1996 through 07/08/1997
  • Had military pay reduced by $100 a month for 12 months or made a $1,200 lump-sum contribution

Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program

This program’s primary function is to help Veterans who have service-connected disabilities become suitably employed, maintain employment or achieve independence in daily living. To receive an evaluation for vocational rehabilitation services, a Veteran must:

  • Have received, or eventually receive, an honorable or other than dishonorable discharge
  • Have a VA service-connected disability rating of 10% or more
    • Voc Rehab is also available to members currently serving on active duty with a disability rating of 20% or higher
  • Apply for vocational-rehabilitation services

The law generally provides for a 12-year basic period of eligibility in which services may be used. The 12-year period begins on the latter of these dates:

  • Date of separation from active military duty
  • Date the Veteran was first notified of a service-connected disability rating

The monthly stipend paid to the student is the BAH rate given to an E5 with dependents. As of Spring 2015, that rate is $1,854.00 per month.

Chapter 33:  Post 9-11 GI Bill

  • Veterans benefits
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  • Veterans Eligibility
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  • Veterans Specific questions
    Post 9/11 GI Bill ® - Specific Questions
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Veterans who have served at least 90 days of active duty service after 09/10/2001 and received an honorable discharge will qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill. To qualify for the full benefit, a veteran must have served at least 3 years of active duty after 09/10/2001. Benefits are approved as a percentage of the veteran serves less than 3 years of active duty (see chart below). Benefits are payable for 15 years from last date of discharge.

The monthly stipend paid to the student is a percentage (broken down below) of the BAH rate given to an E5 with dependents. As of Spring 2015, that rate is $1,854.00 per month. For example, someone rated at 70% would be paid $1,297.80 per month.

Minimum Active Duty Service


36 months


Service Connected Discharge (30 days continuous, active duty service)


30 months


24 months


18 months


12 months


6 months


90 days


Chapter 35: Survivors and Dependent Assistance

Chapter 35 is meant to give benefits to dependents and spouses of servicemembers who are permanently and totally disabled or who died while on active duty or due directly to a service-related condition. Normally, this benefit is available for 45 months of education, but more may be available if the student uses it in conjunction with another benefit.

Chapter 1606: Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Benefit (MGIB-SR)

Members of the Selected Reserve, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Reserves, the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard are eligible for MGIB-SR. The Reserve and Guard components decide who is eligible for the program. The VA makes the payments for training. Eligibility requirements are:

  • 6-year obligation in the Selected Reserves
  • Completion of Initial Active Duty for Training
  • High school diploma or equivalency certificate
  • Maintain good standing in a Selected Reserve Unit

Chapter 1607: Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)

Eligibility will be determined by the Department of Defense (DoD) or Department of homeland Security (DHS) as appropriate. Generally, a member of a Guard/Reserve component who serves on active duty on or after 09/11/2001 under title 10, US Code, for at least 90 consecutive days under a contingency operation, is eligible for REAP. There is no specific time frame to use REAP; however, your eligibility ends when you leave the Selected Reserves.

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