Upcoming Events/Meetings

We have many opportunities for our students to get engaged and involved both on campus and in the community.

For any additional information regarding events and meetings, please contact our CCRI Veterans Faculty advisor Kevin Ziegelmayer at kziegelmayer@ccri.eduor our Student Veterans Organization President Mark Harrington  at mharrington.svo@gmail.com


Events TBA

      Volunteer Opportunities

     4th Annual Armed Forces Recognition Day (Lincoln)

      Veterans Forum - Knight campus

      Veterans appreciation night

      Student Veterans Meetings and locations

      SVO Trips

Contact Information

Student Union

Knight Campus
Student Veterans' Lounge
Room 1218/1st Floor


Kevin Ziegelmayer
Faculty Advisor
Knight Campus

Arnold Castillo
Knight Campus

Nigel Unarie
Vice President
Knight Campus

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Last Updated: 10/11/16