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About Telecourses

General Information

Traditional college students generally go to campus several times a week for direct instruction by faculty. In contrast, Telecourse students study more independently, watching the television programs and reading the print materials on their own. The convenience and flexibility of learning "at a distance" allows learners to work towards a college degree while juggling job and other responsibilities.

Telecourses are credit courses that are broadcast over Rhode Island Cable.  Students will be able to view courses on Statewide Interconnect C  (Government Access Channel)  ONLY which is Channel #15 for Cox and Full Channel TV customers, and Channel #34 for Verizon FiOS customers.  Most Telecourses are asynchronous and consist of two 30-minute programs shown in a one-hour block each week and are repeated later in the week.  Details can be found in the weekly program schedule for each course which can be found under the appropriate course listing. 


For information on registering for a course see Online Registration.


Components include a mandatory orientation meeting, seminars  with instructors, a syllabus, and textbook and study guide, television viewing and Internet communication.  Students must attend a mandatory orientation and/or seminars, on-campus tests, and mandatory final exam testing.  Students must have access to the video lessons either viewed on cable television or at the college’s Libraries (Warwick or Lincoln).   Each course has a repeated second viewing time.  You do not have to watch both programs.  If you watched the first one, the second one is repeated.  Check your Telecourse Program Schedule for specific days and times.

To participate in a Telecourse students need to be a Cox Communications, Full Channel or Verizon FiOS subscriber and to have access to a computer with Internet access for assignments and communication. There are computer labs at all four CCRI campuses. There are also Internet-connected computers at all public libraries throughout the state.


Telecourses have a mandatory orientation/seminar which takes place the first week or two of the term. Students will have an opportunity to meet with their instructor and other students.  Instructors review the course outline, objectives, answer questions and have class discussions or other activities. Students will also receive instruction on accessing the online components of their course at this time.


Faculty give exams and/or midterm and final exams on campus.  Please see the instructor's syllabus for more information. This allows you to make the necessary arrangements in time for the first exam.


Telecourses may require regular homework. Telecourses require as much or more time than a traditional on campus course.  Extensive reading and assignments will be included.

Other Campus Visits

Your instructor may also hold review sessions, invite guest speakers, conduct labs or other class sessions. This information is listed in your course syllabus.


Telecourses are coordinated by CCRI faculty who provide a syllabus, hold an orientation, review and discussion sessions, give exams and assignments, and interact with students via online discussion boards and e-mail. You can meet with your instructor individually during office hours, via telephone and voice mail, or by sending email.

All telecourse students are required to communicate with their instructors via their MyCCRI email account.

Course Materials

Textbooks - Textbooks and class materials may be purchased in person, by telephone or through the Internet.  Telephone orders are shipped UPS. Shipping and handling charges are added to each order. Refunds are available in accordance with the normal refund policy and return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. On-line and telephone orders need to have the following information to place an order:

  1. The 5 digit course code.
  2. A major credit card and an e-mail address.

To order by telephone call 401-825-2134, online at:  or in person, each or the four main campuses has a bookstore.

Contact Us

E-mail Jaime Nash or telephone the Workforce & Community Education office at 401-333-7070.

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