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Study Strategy Workshops

An essential part of success at any college is the amount of time and effort a student puts into preparing for their weekly lectures and exams. The SSC offers several study strategy workshops; Basic Study Skills, Testing Strategies and Time Management.

Exam Prep Seminar
The 2.5 hour Exam Prep Seminar focuses entirely on exam-taking strategies. Learn test-taking confidence boosters; figure out how to distinguish what you know from what you need to study; and apply practical tips for taking multiple-choice tests. Learn how to use the course syllabus, your notes and textbook to predict test questions. You must bring a course syllabus and textbook. Bring sticky notes if you are unwilling to write in your textbook.

Study Strategies Workshop
Learn note-taking techniques and choose one that matches your learning style. Explore efficient ways to maximize your ability to comprehend a textbook. Discover methods to use your course syllabus, note and textbook to prepare for exams.

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