Student Tutor Faculty Recommendation Form

To be filled out by Student:
List the course that you are seeking to become a tutor. Complete this form and give it to the teacher that you had for the class listed below. If the instructor is no longer affiliated with CCRI or you are unable to contact the professor, please contact the chairperson of department that offers the class and have the chairperson complete the form.

The instructor or chairperson will return the form to the Student Success Center.

Name of Student:   Student ID #:

Course Name Faculty Name Grade Earned Semester & Year Completed

To be filled out by Faculty:

This student is interested in serving as a peer tutor for the Student Success Center for the course(s) listed above. The student has indicated that you served as the instructor for this course.

Please consider the following requirements for peer tutoring before you decide to recommend or not recommend the student to be a peer tutor for the course listed above.

  • Completion of the course and grade of at least a "B"
  • Current enrollment or registration as a CCRI student, with at least 6 credits
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and ease in relating to people from varying educational, cultural, and social backgrounds

I RECOMMEND this applicant to serve as a tutor in the subject area listed on this application.
The student has demonstrated competency in this area and has the ability to assist
another student in learning this subject and/or developing this skill. The student has
earned a minimum of a "B" in this course.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND this student to be a peer tutor.


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Thank you for your support of Peer Tutoring offered through CCRI’s Student Success Centers

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