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Early Alert System

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Please inform us about the student for whom you have a concern and do not feel that you can provide the additional out-of-class support they need. We will contact them, share your concerns, provide an individual learning assessment and share our recommendations with you as well as a progress report at the midterm.

Student Name: Student ID#

Please Check all that Apply.
Difficulty with Class Attendance Difficulty with study habits and assignments
Student is constantly tardy
Student consistently leaves class early
Student consistently absent without contacting instructor
Student has excessive absences
Student did not pass the first test
Student continually submits substandard work
Student did not turn in the first assignment
Student does not turn in assignments regularly
Student may have difficulty understanding assignments
Student has low grades
Student rarely/never participates in class
Personal Issues affecting class work and attendance Difficulty with learning strategies
Student displaying a change in behavior
Student experiencing a personal crisis, such a death in the family
          or serious injury
Student sleeps in class
Student exhibits poor attitude and/or disruptive classroom behavior
Student reports problems at home
Student lacks essential skills; reading, writing, math

Student does not read the text
Student does not take notes
Student does not organize assignments
Student does not develop academic partnerships with classmates
Student does not identify academic strengths and challenges
Student does not perform well on tests

Additional Checklist for Advisors  
Student is a single parent
Student is working full-time while carrying more than a half-time course load
Student has a history of repeating and withdrawing from classes
Student has a history of repeating and withdrawing from this course
Student has a history of withdrawing from courses when carrying a full course load
Student is undecided about a major
Student repeatedly changes his or her major

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Has Student completed prerequisite for course? Yes No

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