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Scheduling of the simulation lab is booked one month in advance, prior to the start of each academic quarter pending approval, and is prioritized as follows:

  • Use of space for established courses of the Allied Health Department for running high fidelity scenarios (50 % of available time slots annually).
  • Use of space for training hospital staff of partnered area hospitals (25 % available time slots).
  • Use of space for training secured by grants, contracts or philanthropic donations (20 % available time slots).
  • Use of space for tours related to student or faculty recruitment (3% of available time slots).
  • Use of space for other than listed uses (2% of available time slots).
  • Scheduling: When scheduling, allocate an additional thirty minutes for set up prior plus thirty minutes for cleanup after using the simulation equipment.
  • Conflicts: When conflicts occur, the first requester is contacted by the Simulation Lab Coordinator to determine possible schedule modifications. In addition, the Simulation Lab Coordinator asks the second requester to petition the first requester. The first requester, the second requester and the Simulation Lab Coordinator agree work diligently to reach an amicable agreement. Ultimately, the first requester has the higher priority. The decision of the Simulation Lab Coordinator is final.
  • Cancellations: It is mandatory to notify the Simulation Lab Coordinator to cancel scheduled use at least 24 hours prior to time of scheduled event.


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Last Updated: 10/18/16