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About the Center

As technology advances, so must the tools used to educate our students. Simulation technology offers new methods that can enrich the student’s understanding of their discipline and ability to think critically. Psychomotor, cognitive and affective learning are utilized through the simulation experience.

In preparation for these advancements, CCRI has established simulation labs on all of the college’s campuses to the health science student‘s educational needs. The main location is in Lincoln at the Flanagan campus. The Simulation Center offers a wide variety of simulation manikins; our high fidelity mannequins include SimMan and the new SimMan3G. We have an assortment of low fidelity manikins; the VitalSim Family is comprised of an adult male, adult female, pediatric and baby manikins. These patient simulator manikins mimic human physiology to provide an interactive learning tool that Simulation Learning System or National League of Nursing Scenarios are utilized to accommodate the diversity of Health Science Programs at Community College of Rhode Island. Simulation offers a unique education contribution that compliments the traditional educational methods of lecture, skills practice and clinical rotations. Our simulation software includes online classrooms and tutorials; computer assisted learning modules and testing, as well as patient simulation training. The Simulation Center provides an enriching opportunity for health science students to utilize, evaluate and improve their critical thinking and psychomotor skills; building self confidence in a safe clinical environment

 Professors Anne Rameika and John Rood are Simulation Co-coordinators for Health Science. Together they assist CCRI in providing our students with the optimal simulation learning experience.


Contact Information

Michele Carroll

Simulation Coordinator 

Joe Pfeiler

Simulation Coordinator 



Flanagan Campus 
Room 2365


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