Student Life Panel

The Student Life Panel is a college-wide standing committee of CCRI's Student Government. Through its members, the Student Life Panel is responsible for establishing and reviewing Presidential office criteria and interviewing candidates to determine eligibility for office; responsible for establishing election policies and procedures; review  a maximum of 5 (five) senators-at-large on each campus; and also responsible for assisting each campus Student Government fill vacant positions; as well as other responsibilities as outlined in the SG Constitution or assigned.

The Student Life Panel consists of the following members:

  • Christine Jenkins, Associate Dean of Student Life (Co-Chair)
  • Rebecca Yount, Associate Dean of Student Life (Co-Chair)
  • J. Lexer Grande, President of Knight Campus Student Government
  • Khady Ndiaye, President of Flanagan Campus Student Government
  • Yamil Cambero, President of Liston Campus Student Government
  • TBD, President of the Newport Campus Student Government
  • TBD, Advisor of Knight Campus Student Government
  • Thomas Procaccini, Advisor of Flanagan Campus Student Government
  • Barry O'Connor Jr., Advisor of Liston Campus Student Government
  • Robyn Greene, Advisor of Newport Campus Student Government
  • TBD, Student Member-At-Large
  • TBD, Student Member-At-Large
  • Terry Notarpippo, Faculty/Staff Member-At-Large
  • Kyle Gamache, Faculty/Staff Member-At-Large
  • Bill Ferland , Administration Member-At-Large

Contact Information


Taryn de Meillon
President, Knight Campus
 Khady Ndiaye
President, Flanagan Campus
 Michael Wynn
President, Liston Campus

Jared Neves
President, Newport Campus
Advisor Listing

Lynda Sarkisiian
Advisor, Knight Campus

Thomas Procaccini
Advisor, Flanagan Campus
Crystal Bergantine
Advisor, Liston Campus

Robyn Greene
Advisor Newport Campus

Associate Deans of Student Life
Christine Jenkins

Rebecca Yount
Brenda Pacheco
Web Content Manager

Last Updated: 6/18/18