Liston Campus Student Government

Welcome! We hope that you can find a club or program that interests you in Student Life at CCRI's Liston Campus! If you notice there is a club or program that isn't represented at our campus, or you would like to create a new club, contact

Student clubs and programs are required to send updated contact information and revised club constitutions to the Office of Student Life and the Office of Student Government. Please email such information to and

Contact Information

For all questions and inquiries
Atrium-Room 1182
Executive Committee

Michael Wynn

Executive VP & Director of Finance
Oscar Rosa

Director of Administration
Bryan Morillo

Director of Activities
Kelly Pagano

Director of Student Relations
Louis Peterman

Director of Public Relations
Cristian Cepeda

Director of Marketing
Arthur Liolios


Crystal Bergantine

Last Updated: 8/6/18