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Knight Campus Student Government

Welcome! We hope that you can find a club that interests you in Student Life at CCRI's Knight Campus! If you notice there is a club or organization that isn't represented at our campus, or you would like to create a new club/organization please contact

Student clubs and organizations are responsible for sending updated contact information and revised club constitutions to the Office of Student Life and the Office of Student Government. Please email such information to your Liston Student Government at and

Knight Campus Student Government Leader Application

Quick Links

KSG By Laws: By Laws
Executive Committee: Meet the Executive Committee
Club/Organization Information: (Contacts, Constitutions, Descriptions) Club/Organization Information

Contact Information

OFFICE 1232/Student Union
For all questions and inquiries:
401-825-2337 (Phone)
401-825-2443 (Fax)
Campus Executive Team
Charles Meserve

Executive Vice President
Jordan A. Rodrigues

Director of Finance
Danielle Brown

Director of Administration
J. Lexer Grande

Director of Public Relations
Roberto J. Pena

Director of Activities
Alyson N. Tierney

Aubrey L. Fletcher
Last Updated: 2/16/17