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 Introduction and information

Welcome! We hope that you can find a club or program that interests you in Student Life at CCRI! If you notice there is a club that isn't represented at our campus, or you would like to create a new club, please see the Office of Student Life's website.

Student groups are responsible for sending updated contact information and revised club constitutions to the Office of Student Life and/or the Office of Student Government. Please email such information to your Flanagan Student Government at sglincoln@my.ccri.edu and/or studentlife@ccri.edu

Flanagan Active Student Clubs

Bible Study Club

The Bible Study Club meets twice a week to study the Bible together, both the Old and New Testaments, and to support and encourage each other in our faith. The club welcomes all interested people to come and be part of the group. We read with a view to the meaning and personal application of what the text says. Bibles are provided by the club. Study is followed by a time of prayer for those who desire it. Meeting times are Thursdays from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm.

Advisor: Chaplain Paula A. Cardillo

International Club

The International Club has four major goals: First; to promote the culture and heritage of each individual member; second, to facilitate the sharing of different cultural points of view and to encourage the acceptance of different opinions; third, to foster an eagerness to serve our community and fourth; to promote socio-cultural interaction and an understanding of globalization through travel opportunities. Meetings will be held on Tuesdays in the All Clubs Room #1315 at 11am.

Advisor: James Miller
Phone: 401-825-2470

Co-Advisor: Monica Lee
Phone: 401-333-7280

Nonviolence Club

The Nonviolence club's mission is to educate students on the history, philosophy, and principals of nonviolence; also to teach conflict resolution skills & techniques with hopes to promote nonviolence both on campus and in the community.

Advisor: Richard Tarlaian

Flanagan Active Student Programs

Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA has two chapters operating out of the Flanagan and Liston campuses. DECA members are enrolled in Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and other business-oriented programs. This co-curricular organization has over 180,000 members internationally. The goals of Collegiate DECA are to prepare its members for their future career goals by focusing on leadership development, community service activities, and competition. Annually, members travel to an International conference to compete in various career areas to win awards, scholarships, prizes and obtain job opportunities. This organization combines educational and social skills into a dynamic program for all Business students.

Advisor: Carol Rowey
Phone: 401-333-7084

Dental Assisting

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the professional development of student dental assistants. Club activities are designed to help students better understand of the role of the professional dental assistant  in the oral health community and to encourage participation in community service projects such as CCRI Community Service Day and Rhode Island Mission of Mercy and to provide a supportive social network for students in the Dental Assisting Program.  Students are encourages to become involved in Rhode Island Dental Assistant Association activities and may attend continuing education events at no cost.  All student members must be enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program and be a current member of the Student American Dental Assistants Association.   

Advisor: Kerri H. Friel
Phone: 401-333-7277

Dental Hygiene

The purpose of the organization is to enable students to keep abreast of the current trends and issues in the profession of Dental Hygiene. Attendance and participation in meetings and affiliation with the Rhode Island Dental Hygienists' Association is encouraged. Membership to, the student chapter of, the American Dental Hygienists' Association is mandatory. Student members participate in variety of community service projects throughout the year, which heightens community awareness of oral health. These include, but are not limited to, presentations on oral health to diverse groups, collecting aluminum tabs to be donated to Shriner's Children's Hospital, participation in the annual fund-raising Imagine Walk for Autism , and volunteering for various other community outreach projects.

Advisor: Julie Galleshaw
Phone: 401-333-7226

Medical Laboratory Technology Club

The purpose of this organization is to aid the student in gaining knowledge of all aspects of the field of Clinical Laboratory Science. Discussion will include new developments in the field. Students will have the opportunity to explore and become familiar with the type of training and skills needed in the MLT field, as well as become familiar with the professional associations (NCA, ASCP, ASCLS). Students will have the opportunity to attend regional and local conferences. Involvement in the club will provide academic and moral support for all members.

Advisor: Maddie Josephs
Phone: 401-333-7418

Phi Theta Kappa ( Honor Society )

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society organization for 2-year colleges throughout the United States and abroad. Its intent is to recognize the most successful students academically. To be eligible for entrance at the Community College of Rhode Island, students must have a 3.75 GPA or above, with a minimum of 24 and no more than 60 earned credits, be a matriculating, degree-seeking student and be of good character. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is regarded as a high honor and is noted on student's transcript.

Advisor: Laurie Sherman
Phone: 401-455-6106 (Providence)

: Susan Apshaga
Phone: 401-825-2352 (Warwick)

Players (Theater)

The CCRI Players produce and present three or four major productions each academic year. Plays are chosen to expose students to a variety of dramatic styles and periods. Fully mounted productions, open to the public, are staged at both the Warwick and Providence Campuses. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in all areas of theater production, under the supervision of the theater faculty and staff. All students, full or part-time, are eligible to participate in CCRI Players' productions, regardless of their course of study. the players also produce a two-production summer repertory theatre, participation in which is open to the community.

Advisor: Prof.  Berthold Silverberg
Phone: 401-333-7386

Radiography Club

The purpose of the Radiography Club is to promote public awareness of radiography and radiation and to provide activities for both freshmen and senior students enrolled in the Radiography Program. Fundraisers are planned annually for the Radiography scholarship as well as affiliations with local charitable organizations. This club invites guest speakers to campus for seminars and workshops.

Advisor:  Patricia Lucas
Phone:  401-333-7025

Sonography Club

The mission of the Sonography Club is to promote public awareness of Sonography and the role it plays in Diagnostic Imaging of health-related issues. The organization also works to enhance the development of freshman and senior students as healthcare professionals. Annual fundraisers are planned to support the Sonography Award. The club invites guest speakers to the campus for seminars and workshops. Meeting times may change semester to semester. Please e-mail advisor for updates in meeting changes.

Advisor: Paula A. Cardillo
Phone: 401-333-7449

Student Nurses' Organization (SNO)

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the development of student nurses and professionals. Club activities are designed to foster nursing students; understanding of the role of the nurse in today's health care system, to encourage participation in community service projects and to provide a supportive social network for students in the Nursing Program. SNO's goal is to promote professional and social unity among the members of this organization, the Student Nurses' Association of Rhode Island (SNARI), and the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). All students in the CCRI Nursing program are members of the CCRI Student Nurses' Organization and are eligible for membership in SNARI and the NSNA.

Advisor:  Patricia Kelling
Phone: 401-825-2162 (Warwick)


Flanagan Non-Active Student Clubs/Programs

To reactivate, contact your respective Student Government.

  • Biology Club
  • Black American Student Association
  • Cultural Program
  • Dance Club
  • Digital Arts Club
  • French Club
  • Human Services Club
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • Mudslingers
  • Nerd Culture Club
  • Portuguese Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Respiratory Therapy Club
  • Role Players Guild
  • Spanish Club
  • Students for Environmental Action
  • Student Veterans Organization
  • Triangle Alliance

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