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Community College of Rhode Island

Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes


Date:         Wednesday, 14 January 2004
From:         Mary Baker
Subject:     Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes12-9-03

To:             Steve Marginson, Barbara Legg, Bill Mercer, Bob Antonson, Dennis Melander, Edna Mattson, George Sousa, Jim Ellis,  Joanne Jacobs, Kathleen Twining, Lou Rainone, Manny Terezakis, Richard Robinson, Tracy Karasinski , Regina Cobb

Re:              Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. on December 9, 2003 at the Flanagan Campus
Attendees:  Stephen Marginson (KC), Manny Terezakis (FC), Joanne Jacobs (FC), Jim Ellis (KC), Richard Robinson (FC), Mary Baker (FC), Edna Mattson, Lou Rainone (KC), George Sousa (FC), Bill Mercer (KC), Kathy Twining (KC), Bob Antonson (FC), Dennis Melander (KC), Regina Cobb (NC)
PLEASE NOTE:  Bulleted comments require action.  Please be prepared to update the committee at the next meeting or by date listed where applicable.  Thanks.
Steve asked Manny to take the floor first since he had forwarded a list of 11 items for the agenda.  Manny handed out a copy of what he forwarded for the agenda and listed below are a few of the items that he brought to group since the others were being handled with the department they pertained to. 
# 10 – Status of planned discussion with RIDOH on cancer concerns at Flanagan Campus. –
Manny is trying to contact the team of experts that were invited here before to address these concerns and ask them to come back to the campus to address the situation once again. 
Joanne Jacobs suggested that the team of experts meet with a few members of this Environmental Committee first to give them information on the concerns of the people at the Flanagan Campus

#11 – Manny, Jimmy and Dick attended a conference regarding steps to take to safeguard against vandalism as well as acts of terrorism on campus.  One of the key points made were to keep all science labs and physical plant areas locked when not in use since most hold toxic gases, etc.
Steve asked George and Bill to send a directive from their offices to always lock the physical plant areas.
# 4 – Manny has received complaints about the air quality created by the copier on the second floor near payroll and accounting at the Knight Campus.  These copiers are special types which are able to print checks.
 Special copiers with special toners may be needed to be changed to something less damaging to the air.  Steve would like a re-inspection of the area done. 
# 9 – A fire alarm in the Flanagan Campus darkroom is necessary. 
Talk of a yellow alert light being put in there was taken under advisement and Steve would like Honeywell to be called for suggestions and something to be put in place there ASAP.
Kathy Twining wondered if the committee had heard of a problem with the rugs in the new tutoring room at the Knight Campus.  Steve said he hadn’t heard complaints and that there shouldn’t be since the rugs are new. 
Joanne thanked the Smoking Committee for its help with the new smoking policy.  She said it seemed to be working well.  Steve agreed and expressed his gratitude and said how impressed he was with how well it was working. 
There are a few issues still remaining as far as the logistics with regards to the new smoking policy.  They are listed below:


Kathy stated that the smoking hut at Knight Campus near the Administration area is too far away from the building. Steve will take it under advisement and see what can be done.
The hut on the north side of the Flanagan Campus will be moved soon. 
There is still inconsistency regarding verbiage on signage, the web, etc.
The policy is still not listed in the student handbook.  Joanne should get another copy to Ron Schertz. 
Joann asked what was being done with the ceiling at Flanagan in Mod 1 since the ceiling was exposed. 
Dennis explained that the VAV boxes are being change and the tiles will be replaced soon. 
Bob said that when the fire alarm in the Field house at Flanagan sounds the Security Department does not get a call.  The line was cut years ago and never repaired. 
Steve would like George to look into that ASAP.  Also, it was mentioned that the phone inside of the garage behind the field house at Flanagan does not have a phone in it and physical plant is requesting a phone line that at least dials out to security in case of emergency.   Dick will contact Phil Garofolini once again on this. 
Bob asked what was done after the Department of Health made suggestions for clean-up of the sewer back-up at the Flanagan Campus.  Seems there are still particles of toilet tissue, etc. left on the floor and on equipment in some areas of the ground floor.
Steve asked Danny/George to have an additional clean up done in the areas that need it using outside contractors if necessary.
Manny said some of the floor drains were being covered up in rooms that have not needed them, but after this spill he wondered whether that should be done.
Steve asked Dennis and Manny to determine together which drains should be covered.
The issue of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) should be addressed with all the employees of all physical plant departments, so that in such an emergency they know that the equipment is available.
Dick said the biggest complaint that the Department of Health had, was that it was not called immediately.  Plans are now in place to call them as soon as such an emergency comes about. 
Evidently, there is a law whereby the Department of Health should be called if in fact the building loses power.  Dick will work on getting that in writing.  
Jimmy announced that there is a Pre-Bid meeting for Sonitrol/Alarm System on December 29th at 10:00a.m. at the Liston Campus in the Security Area.
Jimmy said that Phil Garofolini is working on putting emergency wall phones in the new section of the Liston Campus along with the Field houses at both campuses.  
FESCO will soon be handling the expired fire extinguishers at all campuses.
There is a meeting coming up regarding the new fire codes and Jimmy wanted to know who might be interested in attending with him.  Steve told Jimmy to ask who he deemed appropriate.
Jimmy said the telephones would be shut down on December 13 and 14 to work on the phone system. 
Both Jimmy and Dick agreed that they could use more help in enforcing the smoking policy.  Dick said he is now finding more people smoking in the bathrooms. 
Steve asked Jimmy about the issue with the Nextel phones not being able to get reception in some parts of the Flanagan Campus. 
Steve told Dick to call Bruce Barrett and switch service carriers if necessary.
Bill Mercer said the P.O. for the grease removal has been issued.  The fire alarm in the garage at the Knight Campus is now working. 
Dennis asked that a communication be sent to all employees, staff and students that there is no admittance into construction areas.  Our insurance does not cover anything that may happen in those areas to individuals who are not authorized to be there.  Also, OSHA is on-site more now than ever and the fines imposed are very high.
Mary will send an email from Steve to reiterate that fact that there is “No Admittance in Construction Areas without Authorization”.
Steve welcomed and introduced Regina Cobb, the Director of the Therapeutic Massage Program in Newport.  Most of her issues will come about when construction of the Newport Campus is underway. 
Mary will put her on the list of invitees for these meetings. 
Edna expressed her concern that there is no student nurse on any of the campuses, and wondered if anything was being done.  Steve did not know what was being done in that area. 
The meeting was adjourned at 11:30a.m.
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