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Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

April 24, 2002

TO: Bill Mercer, Bob Antonson, Kathy Twining, Manny Terezakis ,

Edna O’Neill Mattson, Barbara Legg, George Sousa, Jim Ellis, Lou Rainone, Richard Robinson, Joanne Jacobs, Dennis Melander

FROM: Stephen F. Marginson, Dean of Administration

RE: Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 10:00a.m. Tuesday, April 2, 2002 on the Flanagan Campus

Attendees: Stephen Marginson (KC), Manny Terezakis (FC), Edna O’Neill Mattson (KC), George Sousa (FC), Joanne Jacobs (FC), Jim Ellis (KC), Bob Antonson (FC), Lou Rainone (KC), Richard Robinson (FC), Mary Pecchia (FC), Dennis Melander (KC), Kathy Twining (KC)

Dean Marginson opened the meeting by stating that the main topic of discussion would be the modification of college policies and procedures for limiting smoking and enforcing these policies on the campuses as they apply to all students, faculty and staff. The topic of this meeting is a result of the letter sent to the President's Council from President Sepe on February 1, 2002(a copy of which was distributed). The Dean also made note of the presentation date of the aforementioned modification and said that the President is in agreement with the change of that date to be the fall of 2002.

Dean Marginson reiterated the fact that he would like to see more Student Services involvement in the Environmental/Safety Committee specifically students, with regard to the topic of this meeting. The student involvement would be helpful to relay the message to the student population as well as to levy the consequences enforced by the ruling of the forthcoming modifications to the Smoking Policies and Procedures.

Without getting into specifics and the actual Policies and Procedures or modification of them, Dean Marginson asked Joanne Jacobs to start a sub-committee of the Environmental/Safety Committee specifically for the evaluation of the same. Joanne will email Mary Pecchia with the names of those who signed up for the sub-committee and Mary will help Joanne with any administrative needs of that committee.

NOTE: Since the meeting, the sub-committee has been formed to include the following people: Joanne Jacobs, ChairBecky Yount, Kathy Twining, Lou Rainone Bob Antonson, George Sousa,m Edna Mattson, Manny Terezakis, Sue Lavallee

Other items discussed:

Joanne asked whether the HVAC work was almost done in the Flanagan Campus since there are so many hot and cold spots. George asked all to be patient as the retrofitting is being done. Dennis let her know that it was originally set to be a three-year project and it will be done within 1 1/2 years time.

Manny mentioned the exhaust fans in the dark room. George said the exhaust in there was tripled and set specific to that space and that OSHA is satisfied with the results. Manny said the source of the problem is not so much the air but the chemicals being left out in the room.

Chief Ellis is looking into red stickers being put on certain phones in classrooms designated as phones from which Security would be dialed instead of 911 in an emergency. It seems that when 911 is dialed from a phone in the building, and the rescue arrives at Security, the

Campus Police Officer doesn't know where to send them in the building. The Campus Police Officer will dial 911 for the person in need of assistance, wait for the rescue workers to arrive and then bring them to where they need to be.

Chief Ellis told the committee that someone in the Midwest is using CCRI's name and the 401-825-1000 telephone number to sell software on E Bay - Rick Fontaine is following up on this and will let Chief Ellis know the outcome.

Chief Ellis mentioned that he is on a "quest" for posters regarding how to help a person who is choking. He wondered if there was such a thing as a choking kit. Joanne agreed to get ten of the posters and the Dean said he would OK the purchase.

Edna mentioned that the steps of the stage in the Providence Campus are a safety issue. It seems that the steps are unevenly built and should be repaired or replaced. There have been a few incidents in the past.

It was noted that construction would begin on Route 123 in Lincoln at the end of the month and run until the end of June. The state will post signs on the road and the Security Department in Lincoln will post in-house directions on how to get around the construction.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45a.m.

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