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Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

TO:  Bill Mercer, Bob Antonson, Kathy Twining, Manny Terezakis, Edna O’Neill Mattson, Barbara Legg, George Sousa, Jim Ellis, Lou Rainone, Richard Robinson, Joanne Jacobs, Dennis Melander Tracy Karasinski

FROM: Stephen F. Marginson, Dean of Administration

RE: Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 11:30a.m. on March 7, 2003 in the Flanagan Campus

Attendees: Stephen Marginson (KC), Manny Terezakis (FC), Joanne Jacobs (FC), Jim Ellis (KC), Richard Robinson (FC), Mary Pecchia (FC)

Manny Terezakis opened the meeting with a suggestion that some in-house training on safety issues for awareness be conducted and Steve Marginson agreed.


Joanne Jacobs suggested that a short PowerPoint presentation be made that departments may go and view at their convenience that would walk them through the highlights in safety and security on campus. Maybe the Long Distance Learning classroom(s) could be used for this type of presentation.


Manny also spoke to Steve about his concern that he sometimes has limited access to areas that he should be able to get into at any given time to view for safety checks.

Steve gave Manny permission to have full access to any area college-wide and that Jim Ellis and Dick Robinson, along with Manny, should do a full sweep of the campuses and ongoing spot checks.

Steve will blast an email off to everyone in all campuses letting them know that the above individuals will be inspecting all areas of the college and that a report will come back to the committee and corrections will need to be made to problem areas.

Manny also mentioned the fact that he understood that some hazardous waste including gas does get dumped by individuals in drains, etc., but he would like to be notified by departments either when they do it or if they know of it being done.

Steve would like individuals or departments guilty of the above to be written up by Manny as Safety and Security liaison and these infractions copied in memo form to Steve and V.P. Sherman.

With regards to the smoking policy and ongoing work on such, smoking huts have been ordered for each campus and should be installed for the start of the Fall semester.

Joann will meet with Public Relations to determine how the new smoking policy information will be disseminated.

Manny asked what the consequences would be for infractions on the smoking policy. Steve let him know that it would be like any other progressive discipline.

Joann wants it to be clear to the campus community that the policy is not meant to punitive but is meant to give smokers a place to go.

Steve mentioned that speed bumps would be installed at Knight Campus possibly by the summer


Meeting was adjourned at 12:30p.m.



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