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Emergency Response/Environmental Health & Safety Committee

CCRI's Emergency Response/Environmental Health and Safety Committee with representatives from a broad range of college constituencies meets regularly to offer insights and provide a vital communication link to the entire college community. The Committee tackles such diverse issues as smoking, indoor air quality, drinking water quality, laboratory safety, new construction, fire extinguisher training, hazardous waste disposal, housekeeping and cleanliness, pest control, and personal protective equipment training. Anyone may send an e-mail message to the committee about safety and environmental concerns at CCRI by clicking on a committee member's name below.

Committee Members
Name Department / Title Campus Telephone E-mail

Joseph Arsenault

Assistant Professor, Emergency Management

(Threat Assessment Committee Representative)

Knight 825-2442

Helen Ducharme

Coordinator, Disability Services for Students

(Threat Assessment Committee Representative)

Flanagan 333-7329

Rich Coren

Director of Marketing Communications & Publications

Knight 825-2028

Michael Cunningham

Dean of Students, Student Success

(Student Services Representative)

Knight 825-2459

Annmarie McMahon

Assistant Business Manager

(Business Office Representative)

Knight 825-2184

Hilary Jansson

Interim Asst. Dean for Nursing Education
(Academic Affairs Representative)
Knight 825-2425

Norman Mageau

College Police Lieutenant

(College Police Representative)

Knight 825-2109

Angela Marshall

School Nurse

Knight 825-2103

Ken McCabe

Acting Director of Administration

(Facilities Representative)

Knight 825-2111

Michael McNally

Technology Support Specialist II

(IT Representative)

Knight 825-2412

Leslie Florio

Technical Staff Assistant, Art Department

(Classified Union Representative)

Knight 825-2220

James Salisbury

Associate Professor, Library

(Faculty Union Representative)

Knight 825-2213

Marisa Laurent

Assistant Professor, Fire Science



Laura Ryan

Associate Professor, Library


Providence 455-6105

Kevin Crawford

Technical Professor I, Engineering and Technology


 Knight 825-1149




Michael Chapasko

Student Government Representative


Linda Grausgruber

Student Government Representative


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Last Updated: 8/29/16