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Associate in Arts Degree

Liberal Arts Program

Psychology Concentration

The concentration in psychology provides students with an opportunity to prepare for advanced study at the baccalaureate level. In addition, the concentration provides an excellent foundation in behavioral science. Courses typically required in the freshman and sophomore year for the baccalaureate level psychology major are emphasized.

Required Courses: The following courses (15 credits) are required to complete the concentration:

  • PSYC-2010 - General Psychology
  • PSYC-2020 - Social Psychology
  • PSYC-2030 - Developmental Psychology (Lifespan)
  • PSYC-2110 - Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC-2120 - Foundations Of Psychological Research

In addition the student must complete the category requirements of the Liberal Arts Program.

Recommended Courses: In addition, the following courses are highly recommended but are not required:

  • ENGL-2015 Composition II for Lib. Arts
  • MATH-1475 Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • BIOL-1040 Zoology

Contact Information

Raymond Kilduff,Ph. D.
Department Chair
Lincoln Campus
Tel: 401-333-7253
Warwick Campus
Tel: 401-825-2224
Fax: 401-825-2370

Chair's Office:

Lincoln Campus #2358
Warwick Campus #3095

Sharyn Vicente
Web Content Manager
Administrative Assistant
Lincoln Campus
Tel: 401-333-7262

Lauren Nagel
Web Content Manager
Administrative Assistant
Warwick Campus
Fax: 401-825-2370

Last Updated: 2/24/17