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Accreditation Review Team

April 28, 2006: Many of you are aware that CCRI is anticipating an accreditation team visit from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges this September. As part of CCRI’s ongoing NEASC accreditation process, the visiting team will evaluate the college’s progress in the following areas:

  • Mission
  • General Education
  • Governance
  • Long-Range Planning
  • Faculty Evaluation.

I cannot overstate the value of NEASC accreditation. Internally, NEASC accreditation serves as a barometer of our effectiveness as an institution of higher learning. Externally, NEASC accreditation puts CCRI in context, reassuring prospective students, business partners and future faculty that our college meets or exceeds the standards for community colleges across the nation. And, NEASC accreditation gives CCRI the credibility it needs to continue to educate the state’s adult population, to create meaningful partnerships with business and industry, and to raise funds from a variety of local and national sources.

Recently, I held the first meeting of what I call the Accreditation Review Team, a collaboration among the leadership of the CCRI Governance, Long-Range Planning, General Education, Mission and Faculty Evaluation Committees. My hope—that creating collaboration among key committees would not only inform but energize its participants—was quickly realized. I am very encouraged and pleased by the enthusiasm and can-do attitude of the group as a whole. I am also encouraged by the productivity-to-date of the individual committees. Our job now is simply to refine and finalize the hard work their members have already undertaken.

First on the list of priorities is the completion and approval of a college-wide Mission, Visions and Values statement. To aid in this task, two new members of the Mission Committee have been appointed, including Dusty Haller of the Library and Barbara Legg of the English Department. We plan to distribute a draft mission statement to the entire CCRI community for input in the near future.

There have been some changes to the structure of other committees as well. Professor Jaclynne Laxon of the Biology Department has been added to the Governance Committee, whose chairmanship is presently shared between Associate Dean Christine Jenkins and Property Control and Supply Officer Louis Rainone. Professors Ray Kilduff and Jack Owens have joined Phil Sisson to co-chair the General Education Committee. The Faculty Evaluation Committee is awaiting a vote by the Faculty Union later this month to decide what faculty members will serve on this contractual committee.

It is our hope that, by the end of the summer, the Faculty Evaluation, General Education, Governance and Long-Range Planning Committees will be able to demonstrate considerable progress toward their goals. Many of these committees have websites so that the CCRI community may monitor their progress. I encourage you not only to visit these sites, but also to offer your input to the committee members, who are listed below. To read more about our NEASC self-study, please visit the CCRI NEASC accreditation website.

Accreditation Review Team

President Ray Di Pasquale
Barbara Legg, English
Dorcas Haller, Library
Christine Jenkins, OES
Ray Kilduff, Psychology
Jaclynne Laxon, Biology
Maureen McGarry, Health & Rehabilitative Sciences
Dennis Moore, Marketing and Communications
Lela Morgan, Academic Affairs
Marjorie Norquist, Nursing
Michael Poindexter, OES
Louis Rainone, Receiving
Philip Sisson, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Ruth Sullivan, Library
Joanne Warren, Business Administration
Peter Woodberry, Business, Science & Technology

Governance Committee

Christine Jenkins, OES
Louis Rainone, Receiving

Kate Dunnigan, Social Sciences
Linda Hassoun, Human Services
Cledia Holland, OES
Jaclynne Laxon, Biology
Edna O’Neill-Mattson, Facilities Usage
Marjorie Nordquist, Nursing
Sheri Norton, Personnel
Paulette Osterman, Nursing
Josephine Pino, Biology
Louis Pullano, Athletics
Marla Wallace, Library
Charles Walton, Special Programs
Denis Yordy, Biology

Faculty Evaluation Committee

Maureen McGarry, Health & Rehabilitative Sciences
Ruth Sullivan, Library
Peter Woodberry, Business, Science & Technology
Faculty TBA
Faculty TBA
Faculty TBA

Mission, Vision and Values Committee

Dennis Moore, Marketing and Communications
JoAnn Warren, Business Administration

Ruth Barrington, Business Office
Lee Chartier, Business Administration
Philomena Fayanjoula, EOC
Joanne Galliano, Lifelong Learning
William Green, Bookstore
Dorcas Haller, Library
Bill Johnson, Biology
Nick Kamboures, Student
Barbara Legg, English
Tracey Martin, Student
Robert Melucci, Mathematics
Michelle O’Brien, Lifelong Learning
Carol Panaccione, Foreign Languages & Culture
Louis Pullano, Athletics
Wayne Solomon, Social Sciences
Deana Waite, Student

General Education Committee

Philip Sisson, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Raymond Kilduff, Psychology
John Owens, Physics

Rosemary Andreozzi, Mathematics
Jean Billerbeck, Biology
Rebecca Clark, Art
Jeanne Mullaney, Foreign Languages
Allison Petro, English
Ira Schaeffer, English

Long-Range Planning Committee

President’s Council

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