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Employee of the Month

March 2014

Billie Jane Valente

On March 3, President Ray Di Pasquale, Vice President for Academic Affairs Greg Lamontagne and Vice President for Business Affairs David Patten presented the first CCRI Employee of the Month award to Billie Jane Valente, a student development counselor.

Robert Cipolla, VP David Patten, President Di Pasquale, Billie Jane Valente, VP Greg Lamontagne and Lisa Mallozzi.L to R: Robert Cipolla, VP David Patten, President Di Pasquale, Billie Jane Valente, VP Greg Lamontagne and Lisa Mallozzi.

Dean of Student Success and Development Robert Cipolla and several members of the Advising and Counseling staff also were present. Colleagues praised Valente for her dedication to students and fellow staff, with specific examples of how she constantly strives to improve students' experiences, aid colleagues on both the Knight and Newport County campuses and "epitomize what it means to be a team player and a true advocate for students."

Valente said the Employee of the Month recognition was a "complete surprise and honor," commenting that it's not every day the president of the college comes walking into your office to shake your hand.

"Becoming a Student Development Counselor at CCRI was a career change for me after being a child and family therapist for 25 years," she said. "I continue to use my counseling skills but, most importantly, every student has an end goal of earning a degree, transferring to a four-year school or making a career change.  Everything I can do to help them reach that goal is what I attempt every day with each student, and now I have been recognized for those efforts with this award. I have received congratulations from staff, students and colleagues from all the CCRI campuses. I truly feel I share this award with my Advising and Counseling Department because I cannot successfully assist all the students I do without their direction and support."

Valente is enjoying her Employee of the Month perks, including a designated parking spot at the Knight Campus for the month of March. Please join the campus in congratulating her on a job well done.

President Di Pasquale encourages all departments on all campuses to continue nominating faculty and staff who show exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance in their jobs and other related duties beyond their own offices; who inspire and support the performance and achievement of others; who demonstrate a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers and students/constituents, serving as a role model for others; and who commit to quality in carrying out job responsibilities and are an asset to CCRI. The nomination forms can be submitted online here.

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