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Community College of Rhode Island

Thank you for your contributions to All College Week

A message from the President, April 28, 2011

CCRI President Ray Di Pasquale The 5th annual All College Week is past and I marvel at the hard work and talent of our community members. Your dedication consistently enables CCRI to put its best foot forward and to truly showcase the ways that the community college benefits the state of Rhode Island. The students, faculty and staff who took part in All College Week have much to be proud of.

The week began with the third annual High School Technology Day on Friday, April 8 and concluded with a celebration of our dedicated faculty and staff during the 9th annual Professional Development Day on Friday, April 15. During the week, we welcomed prospective students, performed community service, celebrated the arts and history and took time out to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

I encourage you to visit the pages of the All College Week website for photos and coverage of each event. As a community, we made many significant contributions to the college and to the public. To everyone who was involved in the planning of these outstanding events, I thank you for your efforts.

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