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Spring 2006 President's Survey (PDF file*)

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Summary Report of President’s Survey

May 11, 2006

I am pleased to present a summary report of the President’s Survey conducted earlier this semester. I am delighted with the number of responses to the survey, and commend all of you for your active participation in evaluating of our strengths and weaknesses. Your advice, candor and insight have provided me with valuable information to guide the college in the months ahead. The results will also serve as a benchmark for future surveys.


Two hundred seventeen members of the college community responded to the survey. More than 52 percent of the responses came from faculty, while 20 percent of the responses came from the professional staff, 13 percent from support staff and 11 percent from administration. The remaining respondents chose not to answer this question. The average respondent is well-acquainted with the college, having worked here an average of 15.4 years.


When asked to list the primary factors that contribute to the college’s reputation for excellence, the majority of respondents chose one of the following:

When asked to list the areas most in need of improvement within the institution, the majority of responders chose these answers, listed in order of importance:

Survey responders also suggested the following presidential priorities for the coming year:

Among the major obstacles to progress listed by survey respondents were:

When asked, "What is a particular ‘point of pride’ you have about CCRI or your work here?" respondents gave many thoughtful, and, sometimes, passionate comments about their commitment to students. Here are just a few:

"It is the place that students come to change their lives."

"The success that students have in the workplace and in transferring to other colleges shows that we have prepared them well."

"It is a pleasure to see the students grow in maturity and knowledge, wisdom and professional competence, going on from here to successful careers in many fields, and knowing I influenced that."

"Recently a student said to me, ‘I wish I could talk to my mother like I can talk to you.’ Makes it all worthwhile – to help a student – to make a difference to someone."

"We are able to make a REAL impact on our students. As faculty members we are helping prevent the wasting of human talent by giving students the opportunity to discover their own potential."

"I love working with students who are making a committed effort to improve their quality of life through higher education. Most of our students are balancing work, family and school responsibilities. They CHOOSE to be here. It is our responsibility to make their education worth something – not just a piece of paper – but acquisition of knowledge, accomplishment, self-satisfaction, and self-worth."

I don’t believe I can add much more to those wonderful comments that capture your dedication and commitment to student success and the college. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

Ray Di Pasquale

p.s. I want to thank the Office of Institutional Research and the Office of Marketing and Communications for organizing the hundreds of individual comments.

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