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  Copyrights and Intellectual Property   Copyright Basics
  Copyrights and Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Policies Index  
  Copyrights and Intellectual Property   CCRI Policies on Copyright
  Copyrights and Intellectual Property Copyright Issues for Faculty  
  Copyrights and Intellectual Property Copyright Policies for Distance Learning  
  Health Sciences Simulation Center  
3.14.2 Library   Library Card Policy Library   Children in the Library Library   Study Environment in the Library
  Mathematics   Math Lab Student Manual
  Nursing LPN TO RN Admission Policy  
  Nursing Nursing Program Reinstatement Policy  
3.1.3 VP, Academic Affairs   Syllabus
3.1.12 VP, Academic Affairs   Course Maintenance
3.1.5 VP, Academic Affairs   Repeat Course Policy
3.2.1 VP, Academic Affairs   Course Credit
3.3.1 VP, Academic Affairs   Grading Due Dates
3.3.4 VP, Academic Affairs   Incomplete (I) Grade
3.5.5 VP, Academic Affairs   Non-faculty Teaching
3.5.6 VP, Academic Affairs   Non-faculty Teaching Load
3.5.8 VP, Academic Affairs   Adjunct Faculty Teaching Load
  VP, Academic Affairs Grading Policies  
  VP, Academic Affairs Grievance Procedures  
  VP, Academic Affairs Inclement weather  
3.6.1 VP, Academic Affairs Prior Learning Assessment Prior Learning Assessment

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