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Community College of Rhode Island

Peer Tutor Checklist

Evaluate your tutoring skills by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I create an informal, hospitable atmosphere for the student?
  • Do I seek to understand the student’s question?
  • Do I speak clearly and articulately?
  • Do I present clear and accurate explanations?
  • Do I organize the work (both oral and written) in a logical sequence.
  • Can I present an alternative explanation if needed?
  • Do I check to see that the student understands the material?
  • Do I encourage the student to become involved in the problem?
  • Do I give positive reinforcement to the student for correct work?
  • Do I convey to the student an expectation that he/she will learn and improve?
  • Do I let the student do most of the talking?

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Last Updated: 6/26/15