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Nursing Program Reinstatement Policy

(Effective Aug. 28, 2014)

Any time passing status is mentioned, it means theoretical grade of 75 or greater and Satisfactory in the clinical component of each major required nursing course.  The student must achieve a minimum grade of 75 in order to progress to the next required course.  The student with (69.5) 70-74.4 in NURS 1020 may progress only to NURS 1030.

In the event that a student fails the theory, math, or clinical component, the student will receive a grade of “F” for the entire course.

Policy for Program/Course reinstatement:

1. When a student fails the clinical component/theory of a major required nursing course and desires reinstatement, that student must submit a letter electronically at, requesting reinstatement to the Scholastic Standing Committee Chairperson. The Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC) will then review the student’s record.

2. The SSC will review each request and make one of the following recommendations:

a. Reinstatement on a space available basis;
b. Reinstatement following completion of remedial course work (may include nursing courses, HEAL courses, science or math courses, etc.);
c. Denial of reinstatement with recommendation to request entry into the Practical Nursing Program;
d. Denial of reinstatement with no further consideration for readmission.

3. The student cannot bypass the SSC and go directly to a Grievance Hearing.  If the student wishes to appeal a decision by the SSC, he/she must follow the grievance procedure as outlined in the CCRI Student Handbook.  Both parties, student and involved faculty, must be present for the Student Grievance Board to convene.  Decisions by the Student Grievance Board will take into consideration the existing nursing curriculum and current department policies.  Please note:  In step 3 of the Academic Grievance Procedure, the Dean of Health and Rehabilitative Sciences must be contacted before requesting a hearing before the Student Grievance Board.

4. A student who does not achieve a passing status or withdraws from a nursing course for any reason must repeat the entire course, both theory and clinical components.  The student must achieve a minimum grade of 75 in theory and “Satisfactory” in the clinical practicum, which includes math proficiency (as outline in the Math Policy).

5. As of 9/1/14, and thereafter, students entering the nursing program may be permitted to repeat one nursing course once, which requires permission from the SSC.

6. The student applying for reinstatement must meet current admissions criteria.

7. There will be no exceptions to the repeat policy.

8. All students awaiting admission or reinstatement into the Nursing Program must have all health records complete, up-to-date, and recorded in the CCRI computerized Student Information system in addition to academic requirements BEFORE an applicant can be offered acceptance.  In addition, applicants may be required to attend classes, complete academic work, and/or complete current entrance testing requirements.

9. See the following related policy:

* SSC Guidelines for Reinstatement of Students

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