Practical Nurse Program Outline

NEW curriculum for students entering program in Fall 2017 and after.

Students successfully completing the NEW Practical Nurse program will receive a total of 40 credits and 540 clinical hours.

Suggested Course Progression
Prerequisite Name Credits
 ENGL 1010  Composition I  3
Semester 1 Name Credits
 NURP 1010  Practical Nursing I  7
 NURS 1015P  Gerontological Nursing  2
 NURS 1061P  Pharmacology I  1
 BIOL 1070*  Anatomy & Physiology  3
  Total Credits 13
* BIOL 1010 and BIOL 1020 with a final grade “C” or better will waive the in-program requirement of BIOL 1070. 
Semester 2 Name Credits
 NURP 1020  Practical Nursing II  9
 NURS 1062P  Pharmacology II  1
 PSYC 2010  General Psychology  3
  Total Credits 13
Semester 3 Name Credits
 NURP 1030  Practical Nursing III  10
 NURP 2500  PN Capstone  1
  Total Credits 11

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