Math Lab Orientation

Welcome to the Community College of Rhode Island Mathematics Lab. This orientation will highlight the Math Lab expectations and enable students to successfully complete their course. Students should become familiar with the orientation before they begin their course. At the conclusion of this orientation, students will take a short quiz.

The Math Lab is different from a traditional math lecture, and for many students, it is a new learning experience. In the Math Lab students work at their own pace and take tests once they have completed the assigned homework. The instructors are available to assist, guide and help students master the material.

Prior to starting the orientation, students should obtain a copy of the syllabus for their particular course which is available on the Mathematics Information site. A color coded copy will be given to students on their first day of class.

Please note: The MathLab Orientation videos are available for viewing at any time and more detailed information on the Math Lab, including the Math Lab Manual is available on the Mathematics Information site. In order to receive the certificate of completion students must complete the full online orientation module and take the quiz at the end.

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Last Updated: 7/28/17