Student Voices: Clinical Simulation Laboratory

Dec. 29, 2016

CCRI's new Clinical Simulation Laboratory at our Flanagan Campus in Lincoln is bringing hands-on training to a whole new level. Health Sciences students now have access to high-fidelity training mannequins in a simulated hospital setting giving them the most "real-life" training possible. Hear how your fellow students are already benefitting from the new space. Watch video.


Shaniece Gonsalves, Dental Hygiene

Shaniece Gonsalves, Dental Hygiene
Shaniece Gonsalves '18 wants to work as a dental hygienist in a pediatric dentistry office after she graduates from CCRI, and she is confident the classroom instruction and Clinical Simulation Laboratory will help her land a job.

"The simulation lab will enhance my opportunity because we practice medical emergencies," she said. We learn about them in lecture, but we didn't have a chance to respond to them hands on. The sim lab gives us a safe space to practice these medical emergencies in the event that we ever have to respond to one."

Gonsalves said the mannequins and medical situations have helped her class gain experience making patients feel comfortable and relaxed.


Craig Jones, Dental Hygiene

Craig Jones, Dental Hygiene
Military veteran Craig Jones '18 came to CCRI after an aptitude test suggested he'd make a fine dental hygienist.

"I also thought it'd be nice to help people out a personal level, and I had heard good things about CCRI," he said.

The classroom instruction has been rigorous but helpful, Jones said, and the Clinical Simulation Laboratory should enhance the learning experience.

"It really helps us with our CPR and handling of medical emergencies," he said. "I worked in the lab a few weeks ago and it was a great refresher that helped me better under the process of dealing with emergency situations. They really make sure you dot your 'I's and cross your 'T's."


Nicky Husing, Nursing

Nicky Husing, Nursing
CCRI Nursing student Nicky Husing '17 responds to a variety of medical situations in the Clinical Simulation Laboratory. She learned to do this while dealing with other distractions that might arise during tense moments.

"We have different people playing roles at the patient's bedside," she said, adding that she's had to deal with overbearing parents and anxious friends.

"After each simulation I walk away with a significant increase in self-confidence in taking care of patients, recognizing symptoms, conducting assessments and providing interviews," she said. "It is a wonder that our community college offers us the resources of some of the best hospitals and schools around the world."


Daniel G. Connor Jr., Nursing

Daniel G. Connor Jr., Nursing
Daniel G. Connor Jr. '17 worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years before enrolling at CCRI and realizing his passion for nursing. As one of the first students to work in the Clinical Simulation Laboratory, he said the space gives CCRI a huge advantage over other nursing programs in the area.

"We get experience that could not be achieved in a clinical setting," he said. "We do clinical rotations, but the kind of experience we get here is the kind of experience you could never have on the job."

Connor says reviewing video of the simulations reinforces the learning process.

"It helps you analyze the little things that we might not have noticed the first time around," Connor said.

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