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Publications and Templates

The publications produced by CCRI represent its most significant outreach and therefore are an important component of the visual communications system. Publications include any or all brochures, catalogs, fliers, posters, postcards, websites or other materials representing the college or program within the college.

The templates (in Microsoft Word) that follow establish a common design framework for publications and offer standards for typography, color, formats, and grids. They are kept purposely broad to encourage individual creative solutions. At the same time, they provide in-house designers with a common template intended to ensure consistency and standardization of materials representing the college. Consistent use of the guidelines here will ensure coordinated publications which are creatively distinctive yet identifiable as part of the CCRI family.

The Official Publication Signature is also known as the (CCRI Swoop). Each publication produced for CCRI should display the Official Publication Signature (CCRI Swoop) at the bottom of the front cover or front page. This distinctive graphic element identifies the publication as one representing the college while leaving the rest of the page open for individual creative design solutions. Files are provided for the Publication Signature in full color, one-color, bleed and non-bleed versions.

*All college publications must use only the official type fonts (Gill Sans MT and Times Roman).

Care should be taken that no text extends below the top of the signature (swoop) arch and no text or images should be incorporated within the Publication Signature (swoop). Publications should also incorporate one of the official CCRI signatures. Typically this would appear at the end of the document and should include all pertinent contact information as called for by the publication.

Swoop graphics

Swoop graphics can be obtained through the Department of Marketing and Communications if you are using programs other than Microsoft Word, which already has the swoop graphic embedded in it. Send an email to the Department of Marketing and Communications if you need the new swoops.


These templates are built in Microsoft Word except for the PowerPoint presentation. They include graphics suitable for printing on your department's laser or color printer. They can not be used for two- or four-color printing

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The CCRI Department of Marketing and Communications is the hub for all internal and external college communications. If you have news you want people to know about, let us know!

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