What is a Knight Account?

The CCRI Knight account is about to become your new best friend!
What is the Knight account?

CCRI students have a login account called the Knight account. This account is used to login to MyCCRI, Blackboard, lab and library computers, and gain access to print management, wireless services and e-mail. These computer resources are essential to your College experience.

Why is it called the Knight account?

When the Community College of Rhode Island launched its athletic program in 1965, the “Knight” became the official college mascot. The mascot symbolizes many different elements of the college community. A multi-color plume represents the diversity of CCRI students; the shield represents the State of Rhode Island; the knight, steed and armor stands for the commuting CCRI student and the knowledge and experience that will carry them into future success. The final element, the lance, represents the implements or tools used to achieve success.

Your Knight Account gives you immediate access to:
  • Office 365 email account (see "What is Office 365" below)
  • MyCCRI (web portal) allows you to register for classes, accept financial aid, and check grades among other things.
  • Computer Lab login allows you to log in and use the computers in Academic computer labs and Library campus-wide
  • Print Management allows for your print security
  • Blackboard Learning Management System used by faculty and students
How do I get started?
Finding your Knight User Name

Please visit the Knight Username lookup page located online through the How to Look-up your Knight username link. You will be prompted for your ID Number and date of birth in the format of mmddyyyy.

At the ID Number prompt please enter either your CCRI ID or your Social Security number.

Press the Look Up button to process your inquiry. If you make a mistake, please click the Clear button and start over.

Your Knight username, CCRI ID number and Knight email address will be returned. Use your Knight username and the default password, which is the first 3 letters of the username (first letter Capitalized) followed by underscore(_) and the last 4 numbers of the CCRI ID number (Jdo_1234), to login to the college’s computer resources and network.

If you have questions about retrieving your username, please contact the Help Desk at 825- 1112.

CCRI e-mail account for students
What is Office 365?

Your CCRI student e-mail address is username @my.ccri.edu. With this e-mail service, you can share files, use the OneDrive to store your content, create photo albums, instant message, link to your cell phone and more.

How do I access my Office 365 e-mail?

Go to www.ccri.edu and, in the MyCCRI login box, type in your current username and password. After logging in, click on the “My e-mail” icon and follow the instructions.

Knight Account Password
Enroll/Create a security question and answer

Enroll in the Knight Account password management system in order to change and retrieve forgotten passwords online without assistance.

  • Go to https://live.ccri.edu/smop
  • Click Enroll
  • Enter your Knight username and password
  • Click Login button
  • Answer 2 questions
  • Click Update button
Change your Knight password
  • Go to https://live.ccri.edu/smop
  • Click Change Password
  • Enter your Knight username and current password, then new password and reconfirm password
  • Click Change Password button.
Reset your Knight forgotten password
  • Go to https://live.ccri.edu/smop
  • Click Reset Forgotten Password
  • Enter your Knight username
  • Click Continue button
  • Answer your questions
  • Click Continue button
  • Enter your new password and reconfirm password
  • Click Reset Password button
Update Enrollment

You may update/change the answers to your Knight enrollment questions

  • Go to https://live.ccri.edu/smop
  • Click Update Enrollment
  • Enter username and password
  • Click Login button
  • Answer a minimum of 2 questions
  • Click Update button
  • Click Continue button
CCRI will use your @my.ccri.edu email address for official College communications.

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