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Faculty & staff websites

How to get your website

CCRI provides faculty websites as a vehicle for faculty and staff to distribute course-related documentation and contact information and to ensure all employees have a way to customize their personal information.

All new faculty/staff sites will be created in the college's content management system, Omni Update. To request a faculty site, email

Whether you currently have a site or not, a very basic site has been created for you using information already in the Banner Information System. Your basic site will contain the following:

  1. Your department's website navigation in the left column.
  2. A placeholder for you to upload a photo, if you wish.
  3. Your contact information as it currently appears in Banner.

screenshot 1

To modify or add to your personal information (item c.), in Banner, you have two options:

  1. To add or change your office/campus location and phone number:
    1. Login to MyCCRI and update your Banner info (see: How to add or update your campus location and telephone number).
  2. To correct an error in your name, title or email:
    1. Contact the HR department at and request your Banner info be corrected.
Only you may modify your Banner info; it cannot be modified using Omni Update or by anyone other than yourself.

How to develop your faculty/staff website

You can improve your basic site into a full-featured website in which you can upload, display or link to course materials. (Please note, you must upload video files to the college's streaming video server or another host and linked to from your site.)

Learn more about developing your website.

In customizing your site, you have the following options:

  1. Replace the left-column navigation with your own
  2. Upload a photo or image
  3. Make changes in MyCCRI or through HR to you contact info.
  4. Add office hours, courses info, etc.

Here is a screen shot of a faculty site which has been fully developed:

screenshot 2

To see some other examples of established sites go to:

Last Updated: 3/13/17