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Resizing Images in OmniUpdate

  1. Open your Firefox* browser.
    1. *IMPORTANT - You must use the Firefox browser in order for all CMS features to work. [Download here]
  2. Browse to the page on your site that you want to edit and log in by hovering over the last updated date on the bottom of the page.

  3. Click the Edit Main Content button.

    Edit Main Content
  4. Click on the picture you'd like to resize and then find the Insert/Edit Image button on the toolbar.

    Click the Insert/Edit Image button
  5. Under the General tab, click the Browse button located to the right of the image URL.Click the Browse button
  6. Locate your file from the list and click the Edit Image button below.Find your file and click Edit image
  7. Click the Resize button.Click the resize button
  8. Input your desired dimensions in the text boxes.Adjust Size
    1. *IMPORTANT* Make sure the Scale Proportionally and Resample Image boxes are checked off in order to avoid distorting the image.Input your dimensions
  9. Click OK when finished.Click OK
  10. Click the Upload As button.

    Click the Upload As button
  11. Call your new image something different from the original image file name and click OK .Upload your Image
  12. Locate your new image in the file browser list. Click Select File .Information Technology
  13. Your resized image is now displayed in place of the original picture.

    Your resized image is now displayed in place of the original picture.
  14. Save your work.

    Save your work

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Last Updated: 6/4/14