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How to create a new page

Part III

  1. Open your source document
    1. If you haven't already, at this point, you should open the source document from which you will copy the content. In the example below, we are using a Word document as the source.
    2. Copy everything you need to paste into your new page.  If there is a headline in the source document, DO NOT copy the headline, as you have already created the headline on your Web page.Screen shot 20a
  2. In the editing view, select everything on the page that you want to overwrite/delete. Often this will include everything except the "Top" icon at the bottom of the page and the "This page maintained by..." footnote, (if your template has one).Screen shot 20
  3. Click the "Paste from Word" icon in the tool bar.Screen shot 21
  4. When the "Paste from Word" window pops up, use "CTRL + V" on your keyboard to paste the text you copied in step 1b. into the window, then click the "Insert" button.Screen shot 22
  5. Click on the "Save" icon.Screen shot 23
  6. At this point, or when the page is complete, you may either publish the page by clicking the "Publish" button, schedule the page to be published at a later date and time or send the page to another user for review.Screen shot 24

Publishing a page (PDF*)

Sending a page for approval (PDF*)

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