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Safe Computing

When in doubt...don't click!

Information Technology 

The Internet gives you virtually unlimited access to information and services; however, you must be very careful.  You may unintentionally put institutional data at risk and leave yourself vulnerable to online scammers, hackers, and identity thieves.

Being on guard online, especially when using email, will help you protect CCRI’s information assets, your computer, and even your identity.  Please use the links on his page, which have been created by the government, to educate yourself about IT security.


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Contact Information

Tony Parziale
Chief Information Officer
Tel: 401-825-1253

Staff Directory


Knight Campus
Room #2074, Ste. 2073

Flanagan Campus
Room 2604
Room 2332

Liston Campus
Room 2213

Newport Campus
Rooms 255 & 256

Help Desk
Tel: 401-825-1112

Equipment Request
Tel: 401-455-6111

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