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Stephen A. Vieira
Director of Special Projects
Information Technology

Fax: 401-825-2418

Knight Campus
Room #2074, Ste. 2073

2010 - 2011 Project List

Project ID Project Name Project Description Start and End dates Project Phase
1011-4.2.1 Blackboard Enterprise Learn Course Delivery Shifting the licensing of the learning management systems at CCRI entirely over to Blackboard eliminating support for WebCT.  As a result the WebCT server will no longer be available.  Officially this symbolizes the adoption of Blackboard as the CCRI-approved learning management system.

Start January '10 to September '11

1011-1.2.1 Disaster Recovery Build Out

Provide an additional network and hardware infrastructure at Flanagan to minimize potential outage due to Knight Data Center inaccessibility.  A multi-phase, multi-year project (already having completed one year) supplementing existing technology to approach levels in keeping with offering essential services required by the college.

Start January '10 - Ongoing

1011-1.2.2 Network Infrastructure Update

Upgrade of the existing network infrastructure to 10GBps for Knight, Liston, Flanagan and 1GBps at Newport.  Results in the increase of bandwidth for each campus supporting distance learning, videoconferencing, audio and video streaming and virtual desktops.  Supports the BTOP grant awarded to OSHEAN.

Start January '11  to September '11

 1011-4.2.2 Classroom Video Switchers Provides a simple solution for enabling faculty members to utilize the variety of technology in their classrooms without extensive training or swapping of cables.  Seventy KVM switches increases the functionality of technology-enhanced classrooms making it easier to switch from one technology input signal to another in a timely manner.

 Start July '11

to August '11

 1011-1.2.3  Acquiring two (2) Dell 710 servers Supporting the continuing pursuit of virtualization of all servers in the data center, additional server platforms will be purchased.  This will provide high availability, fault tolerance and redundancy ensuring that essential services are always accessible.  Failover capabilities of virtualization are synonymous with high availability of these essential systems.

 Start July '11

End June '11
1011-4.2.3 Classroom Crestron Media Control Ten to fifteen new Crestron media control units to be installed in technology-enhanced classrooms.  Benefits the faculty members who are using multimedia in their classroom instruction.  Programmable units allow immediate transfer of projectable images from one device to another in the classroom.  Start January '11 to July '11  Complete
1011-1.2.4 Banner Network Support Equipment Provide network equipment that will increase the data transfer rate between servers supplementing ODS and enhancing the user experience.  Achieving maximum throughput for the database and the collective information contained therein will hopefully achieve performance boosts regardless of the load evidenced in Banner. Start January '11 - Present Ongoing
1011-1.2.5 Wide Area Network Electronics Upgrade Provides network hardware to have CCRI increase its broadband footprint and adopt to the incoming BTOP grant upgrade in speeds.  Replacement network equipment will increase the bandwidth throughput available to students, faculty and staff at the four campuses regardless of content being delivered. Start January '11 to August '11 Complete
1011-4.2.4 Centers for Instructional Technology Application License Renewals Provides for the license renewals of all software presently housed in the Centers for Instructional Technology, the primary IT tool for assisting faculty in integrating technology in their classrooms.  In renewing these licenses, IT assures that the most recent software is available for use in the classrooms and in the training rooms. Start  January '11 to August '11 Complete
1011-1.2.6  Second Internet Connection Design for Providence and Newport Proposal calls for a design firm to explore possibilities and develop designs for extending the number of Internet connections at each campus to eliminate a single point of failure.  Having an alternate Internet connection creates a balanced connection without interruption in service.  Start January '11 to Present  Ongoing
1011-1.2.7 Additional Storage Disks Obtaining additional storage serves multiple purposes including supporting virtualization, providing instances of high availability and moving toward more fault tolerance.  New applications and systems require storage space which is partitioned among the various uses. Start November '10 End August '11 Ongoing
1011-3-2.1 ADA Support An increased and ongoing focus of IT is the continuing support of the Americans with Disabilities Act and those whom are supported by it.  Seeks to expand support thus supporting all potential populations using the Academic Computing labs. Start September '10 - Present Complete
1011-5.2.1 Mobile Technology Support Provide mobile devices for IT support personnel who need to have these units in order to be able to support the growing community of users bringing them on campus.  This will enable better customer service and more proactive efforts to accommodate our students.  Start January '10 End February'11  Ongoing
0910-4.2.5 Media Services Equipment Upgrading and acquiring additional media materials for production purposes in the classroom.  Devices like HD cameras, light panels, wireless microphones and video editing software keeps CCRI current with technology improvements in the industry.  Representing an upgrade and continued support in the areas of audio and video production from within CCRI. Start January '11 to August '11 Complete
1011-3.2.2 Desktop Replacement Plan  Systematically replacing older computers with fresh technology in order to support the expanding needs of students and faculty.  Acquiring standards-based computers every year to replace those which no longer meets the needs of the departments..   Start January '11 to September '11  Complete
1011-1.2.8 System Center Configuration Manager SCCM assesses, deploys and updates servers, client computers and devices across physical, virtual and mobile environments.  In order to fully support present and future needs concerning updates and patches, this management program must provide the information necessary through proactive monitoring of all systems at the four campuses. Start January '11 to May '11 Complete
1011-4.2.6 Classroom Projection Systems

Acquiring twenty new projectors for replacement and upgrade of technology-enhanced classrooms guaranteeing the ability to project in the classroom appropriately.  Providing a better learning experience in the classroom for students.

Start January '11 to Present Ongoing
1011-4.2.7 Expanding the Collaborative Technology Suites Expand the CTS environment for students to the Liston and Newport campuses.  Continues the model established last year at Flanagan and Knight.  Provide an appropriate space for students to collaborate on projects and presentations using the tools present in the technology-enhanced classroom. Start January '11 to Present Ongoing
1011-1.2.9 Avaya Telephony Upgrade Provides a much-needed telephony system upgrade which is long overdue.  The current Avaya system is several versions in arrears and so needs this significant update in order to support future phone functionality and integration in the overall CCRI communications system. Start TBD Ongoing
1011-3.2.3 IT Conference Room Technology Upgrade Provides a significant upgrade to the IT conference room enabling technology in this often used area.  This space is in need of a technology upgrade being located in IT.  Hopefully encourages use by those who have projection and training needs.   Start January '11 to July '11 Complete
1011-3.2.4 Virtual Desktop Initiative Provides a sustainable model for shifting desktop support to customer service by eliminating the break fix options currently engaged.  Additionally delivers to students and faculty required software regardless of where they sit on or off campus.  Provides a long-term solution for proactive delivery of services supporting technology knowledge transfer.  Start January '11 to Present  Ongoing
1011-1.2.10 Lincoln Closet Upgrades Upgrading the network closets in Flanagan providing new switches, wiring improvements, UPS support and other enhancements in order to increase their accessibility.  Additionally prepares for the increased broadband possibilities to each desktop at the Flanagan campus. Start January '11 to Present  Ongoing
1011-4.2.8 TechSmith Camtasia Relay Pilot Expansion Extension of the lecture capture program from its pilot beginnings last year.  Increases the initial user group from thirty to opening the tools for use by all faculty members.  Offers lecture capture technology to all faculty members at CCRI. Start January '11 to September '11 Complete
1011-1.2.11 Power Rack Management through Power Distribution Units  Providing reliable power distribution to rack level in the data center ensuring a balance of power to the servers housed in those racks.  Purchasing a Power Distribution Unit which will monitor and adapt to power needs by busy servers while increasing the manageability and efficiency of the data center.   Start January '11 to Present  Ongoing
1011-1.2.12 Low Level Electronic Systems Support Backup equipment supply for low level electronics including PA, video cameras and intercoms throughout the four campuses.  Having replacement units on hand enables IT to be responsive when these systems malfunction.     Start January '11 to July '11  Complete
1011-1.2.13 Knight Campus Data Center “Green” Initiative Implementing integrated power and cooling technology that will provide a new physical infrastructure to reduce energy consumption in the data center.  An eco-friendly system for managing power and cooling throughout the data center.   Start January '11 to Present  Ongoing
1011-3.2.5 Headphone and Camera bundles

Acquisition of approximately fifty (50) headphone and camera bundles to support the lecture capture and extended desktop communications platforms.  Distributing headphones and cameras to faculty and staff who are attempting to integrate desktop communications and lecture capture encourages adoption of this technology.

  Start January '11 to June '11  Complete
1011-3.2.6 Additional Track-It licenses Suggest doubling the number of licenses of the Track-It software to encourage use by IT in tracking trouble tickets and ongoing knowledge management functionality.  This increases the functionality and efficiency of the program that is the primary instrument for providing timely problem resolution to the students, faculty and staff at CCRI.   Start January '11 to June '11  Complete
1011-1.2.14 Office Communicator Systems High Availability Office Communicator and Unified Communications are growing slowly at the college but are future integrated  communications instruments for increasing the flow of information across all four campuses.  Providing a load-balanced, fault tolerant system will ensure that this is readily available and redundant to deter interruption in service.     Start January '11to Present  Ongoing
1011-4.2.9 Projector Security Mounts Acquiring and installing security mounts on each projector in each classroom to deter theft and malicious damage to existing technology-enhanced classrooms.  Twelve new mounts will be purchased and implemented in the classrooms   Start January '11 to September '11  Complete
1011-3.2.7 Thin Client purchases Acquiring twelve virtual desktops in order to more fully exercise the virtual desktop initiative mentioned earlier.  Various thin clients should be purchased to evaluate fully the capabilities and weaknesses of each.     Start January '11 to Present  Ongoing

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