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When ending your email session, be sure to:

  • Sign out of your Outlook email
  • Close the O365 sign in window
  • If using MyCCRI, log out
  • If using a campus computer, log off

Office 365

For students

Use MyCCRI to get email while OFF-CAMPUS

  1. Logging in from home or off-campus:
    1. IMPORTANT: Use only Internet Explorer or FireFox
    2. Go to the CCRI home page ( and login to your MyCCRI account.
    3. After logging in, click on the My E-mail icon in the top, right-hand corner of the MyCCRI window:

      email login icon in MyCCRI
      1. You will be automatically redirected to the off-campus "Sign In CCRI Student Email" box:

        Student Email Sign-in
    4. IMPORTANT: When off-campus, in the "User Name" field you must enter campus\username and your usual password to sign in.
      1. NOTE: make sure you use the backslash "\" character after "campus". The backslash is located above the "Enter" key on a PC and above the "Return" key on a Mac:

        backslash key on a Mac
        backslash key on a PC
    5. After signing in, your Office 365 window will open. Click on the "Outlook" link to view your email:

      Office 365 window
    6. The Outlook window will allow you to view, send and receive email:

      Your inbox
      1. When you are finished with your email, sign out of your Outlook email by clicking the down arrow next to your name then select, "Sign out" from the drop-down menu:

        email sign off
      2. When the Office 365 sign in window reappears, close that window as well.

        MS Online
      3. Also, always log out of MyCCRI when you are finished with it --simply closing the browser will not log you out.

        MyCCRI Logout

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