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Office 365

For students

Setup Office 365 email on your mobile device - Android

  1. About this tutorial
    1. This tutorial will help you connect your Android device to Microsoft’s Office365 service.
    2. It is intended for CCRI student users only.
    3. In order to complete this task, you will need to know your Knight Username and Password, (
    4. The screen shots below were captured on a Samsung Galaxy Note II using Android version 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). They may look somewhat different from your Android device if your device was made by a different manufacturer or uses a different Android version but, the tasks should be essentially the same.
  2. Setup steps
    1. Click on your menu button

      Information Technology
    2. Select "Settings"

      Information Technology
    3. Under the "Accounts" section, select "Add account":

      Information Technology
    4. In the "Add account" menu, select "Email"

      Information Technology
    5. On the "Set up email" menu, enter your CCRI email address and password.
      1. Temporarily checking the "Show password" box will help you determine if you have typed the password correctly. When you are sure it is typed correctly, uncheck the box, then click the "Manual setup" button:

        Information Technology
    6. In the "Add email account" menu, select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync":

      Information Technology
    7. In the "Exchange server settings" screen:
      1. In the "Domain\username" field, type your CCRI email address:
        "(your user name here)" (see: Knight Account Username Lookup.)
      2. In the "Password" field, type your CCRI password
      3. In the "Exchange Server" field, type: ""
      4. Make sure the "Use secure connection (SSL)" box is checked
      5. Click the "Next" button

        Information Technology
      6. Read the disclaimer on the "Activation" screen and if you agree to continue, click the "OK" button:

        Information Technology
      7. Next you will see the "Remote security administration" pop-up. Read the message and if you agree to the terms, click the "OK" button:

        Information Technology
      8. In the "Account options" screen, choose your options for mail delivery and syncing of calendar, contacts, SMS, etc., then click the "Next" button:

        Information Technology
      9. When the "Set up email" confirmation screen appears, you may choose to change the account name, (Optional), then click the "Done" button:

        Information Technology
      10. Open the new email account and check that it is working.
        1. If receiving is working, you should have received, or will receive shortly, an email from Microsoft Outlook:

          Information Technology
          Information Technology
      11. If you did not receive the above email, try sending an email to the new account from another account.
      12. Also test the ability to send email from the new account. This may take some time, depending on email server traffic.
        1. If you cannot send and/or receive email using the new account:
          1. Double-check your settings
          2. If still a problem, go to the IT Help Desk during business hours or contact them via:
            1. Email:
            2. Telephone: 401-825-1112

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