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Overview of CCRI’s VPNs

CCRI is offering VPN connections to enable secure access to CCRI’s network from off campus. A VPN is a virtual private network which creates an encrypted tunnel from the user’s computer to their organization’s resources.

We are offering two versions of VPNs. You can connect to CCRI’s network using the Cisco Clientless WebVPN or the Cisco Client VPN.

Cisco Clientless WebVPN

This is an easy to use VPN connection which has limited functionality but does not require a client to be installed. A Clientless VPN can be used on any computer anywhere and the user does not need administrative rights. This VPN can be used to access your department share and limited links within CCRI. All resources are accessed using an web browser.

VPN Clientless Instructions 

Cisco Client VPN

This VPN creates a secure connection that will create a desktop environment that is closer to your on-campus experience. You will be able to map a drive to your department share and use applications that interact with on-campus servers. The client installation does require administrative rights on the computer being used to establish the connection.


Typically, if you only need access to your department share and the Discoverer login, you will use the clientless VPN. Additional functionality will require an installed VPN client.

If you need access to additional resources such as Banner Login, Discoverer Login or network applications, then the client VPN is suggested. Links to documentation for both versions of VPN is provided above.

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Last Updated: 8/24/16