Features of the 4602SW IP Telephone

The 4602/4602SW IP Telephone has two Line (Call Appearance) buttons, ten dedicated Feature buttons, a 2-line by 24 character display area, and a one-way, listen only speaker.

image of the 4602SW IP telephone

Making Calls

To make a call:

  1. Pick up the handset. The Handset icon appears in the display.
  2. Dial your party.
  3. Connection proceeds.

Redialing the last number called

The Redial (or, Last Number Dialed) feature automatically initiates dialing of the most recent extension or outside number dialed.

  1. Press the Redial button.
    1. The last number dialed is automatically redialed.

Receiving Calls

When someone calls you, the Bell icon appears in the display as the phone rings. To receive the call, press the Line button for the incoming call, pick up the handset and talk.

The Handset icon appears in the display to indicate an incoming call.

Call Handling Features

The features described in this section are available while calls are in progress.


The Conference feature allows you to conference up to six parties which includes the original caller.

Adding another party to a call
  1. Dial the first party, then press the Conference button.
    1. The current call is placed on hold, the Soft Hold icon displays, and you hear a dial tone.
  2. Dial the number of the next party and wait for an answer.
  3. Press the Conference button again to add the new party to the call.
  4. Repeat Steps 1- 3 for each party you want to conference in to the call.
Adding a held call to the current call
  1. Press the Conference button.
    1. The icon on the current line changes to the Soft Hold icon.
  2. Press the Line button of the held call.
  3. Press the Conference button again.
    1. All parties are now connected.
Dropping the Last Person Added to a Conference Call
  1. Press the Drop button.
    1. The last party connected to the conference call is dropped from the call.


The Hold feature puts a call on hold until you return to it.

Placing a call on hold
  1. Press the Holdbutton.
    1. The icon on the current line changes to the Hold icon.
Returning to the held call
  1. Press the Line button of the held call.
    1. The call is retrieved.


During an active call, the Mute feature prevents the party with whom you are speaking from hearing you. Use this feature to hold an off-line conversation at any time during a call.

Preventing the other person on the line from hearing you
  1. Press the Mutebutton.
    1. The other party cannot hear you. The indicator light next to the Mute button lights when Mute is active.
  2. To reinstate two-way conversation, press the Mute button again


A one-way Speaker lets you listen to calls without lifting the handset. When you press the Speaker button, the indicator light illuminates to remind you that the listen-only Speaker is engaged.

Note: The 4602/4602SW IP Telephone Speaker is a one-way, listen-only device. The party at the other end of the call will not be able to hear your voice, even though you can hear theirs.

Changing from the Speaker to the handset
  1. Pick up the handset and talk.
    1. The Speaker Indicator Light goes off.
Turning the Speaker on during a call
  1. Press the Speakerbutton.
    1. The Speaker indicator next to the Speaker button lights. Both the Speaker and handset are now operational. You can hear the person on the other end of the call through the Speaker, but they cannot hear you.
Turning the Speaker off during a call
  1. Lift the handset at any time.
    1. The Speaker and the corresponding indicator light turn off; voice control reverts to the handset.
Ending a call while the Speaker is active
  1. Press the Speaker button.
    1. The Speaker and the corresponding indicator light turn off and the call terminates.

Note: It is also possible to disable the Speaker feature. If your Speaker does not operate as indicated, contact the Help Desk to be sure your telephone's Speaker is enabled.


The Transfer feature lets you transfer a call from your telephone to another extension.

Sending a call to another telephone
  1. With the call active (or with only one held call and no active calls), press the Transfer button.
    1. The call is placed on hold and its associated indicator light blinks; the Hold icon displays and you hear a dial tone while the next line activates.
  2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.
    1. The call is sent to the extension or number you dialed.
  3. If you do not want to announce the call, press the Transfer button again. If you wish to wait for an answer, remain on the line, then press the Transfer button after announcing the call.
    1. A two-second display message indicates the transfer is complete.
  4. Hang up your handset.

Retrieving A Voice Mail Message

When someone leaves a message in your voice mailbox, the red Message Indicator at the top middle of the phone illuminates.

  1. To retrieve your voice mail, press the Message button above the numeric dial pad. The 4602/4602SW IP Telephone automatically dials your voice mail system.
  2. Once connected to Voice Mail, follow the standard voice mail retrieval procedures. If you have voice mail-related questions, contact the Help Desk.

Note: It is possible to disable the Voice Mail feature. If voice mail retrieval does not operate as indicated, contact the Help Desk to be sure your telephone's voice mail connection is enabled.

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